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[Proposal] Blues and Colorado

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I can see Duchene for Shattenkirk trade. Duchene would be Backes's replacement. Maybe not the physical elements Backes has, but much more of a prominent player and a player that would strive alongside Tarasenko and Fabbri or Schwartz. 


Shattenkirk would help Colorado with it's defensive problems. And Colorado can afford to lose Duchene. They have Mackinnon and Rantanen that could mold into 1st line centers for them. Both similar in age. Shattenkirk is in his prime or very well near it, and Duchene is just entering his prime.


To Col: Shattenkirk, 2017 2nd rounder (Blues), picks?

To St Louis: Duchene


Similar to the Hall-Larsson, Seth Jones/Johansen, McCann-Gudbranson type deal. This time, both are nearly of the same value, but Duchene is going to have a strong breakout season very soon especially playing alongside Tarasenko and Fabbri, and might cost a tad bit more since he's a center and he's 2 years younger than Shattenkirk. He also has one 70 point season, and 3 60 point seasons basically. Besides, Colorado is trading their 1st line center for a top pairing d and in this situation, Duchene looks to be the better player etc.


St Louis top 6:




rather soft looking top 6 but they 2 elite lines to compensate plus added scoring depth.


Col defensive pairing:





Consistency is going to be key if they want to succeed.





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Shattenkirk is a UFA in a year and he knows he's going to cash in next summer in free agency.  Colorado has an internal budget so they would likely not be able to afford the kind of money he is asking for.   


Their internal budget is making it challenging for them (re RoR, now Barrie likely heading to arbitration).  So, I doubt they would be willing to move a key player under contract for several years, unless the player they are receiving is also signed a few years at a reasonable amount.  They need guarantee that they are not trading an asset for a temporary fix. 

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