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(Discussion) Is Benning Saving Money to take a Run at Vesey?

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With several days passed since the Canucks last large FA acquisition and cap room still remaining, is Canucks Management possibly considering taking a run at Vesey in August? Would Vesey be interested in coming to Vancouver? There certainly is a second line spot up for grabs and everyone knows it.


Vesey seems, from what I have watched, like Jim's type of player and is something the fan base could get excited about, which is great from Aquamans end. Could this be a reason why benning is holding off on signing tier two wingers?


I would be prepared to offer vesey good money and term to sign here, he is a great age and has outstanding character.


This is a lineup that could potentially be exciting to watch next year, or at the very least end up being competitive for a playoff spot.

















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not a chance.  Kid grew in the east, and a huge Boston fan.  Speculations is that he is going to sign in Boston, the fact that he said he is giving up millions so he can choose which team he wants to go too.  Who already forgone signing bonuses for not signing with Nashville. 

He will end up in Boston.

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I don't see us making any more signings simply because of how many waiver eligible players we have this coming season.


If we sign another forward, we're essentially forcing Virtanen into the AHL regardless of him having a good camp. Gaunce gets stuck in the AHL another year which is starting to do him more harm than good. Etem showed good promise at the end of last season. 


On top of that we have Pedan, Larsen and Biega who are all waiver eligible - meaning we likely have to keep 8 D which still leaves Biega on the outs. 


I just don't see a reason to mess with the roster we have. I'd rather keep the cap space in case a steal of a deal comes along during the season.

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I'm sure he'll inquire about him, but I doubt he'll end up here.


From the Eriksson presser, it sounded like GMJB does want to spend to the cap though. 

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Too much working against us. Vesey is from Boston, likes the team. The Sabres from which he was traded, has a long-time friend and potential line-mate in Eichel. His Dad works in the Leafs organization, he could sign there.


I'd say those are his top 3 places, all of which can guarantee him top dollar and top 6 minutes. I don't think we could cover either. 


This organization is building it's core around character guys. While Vesey might be extremely talented, he hasn't earned the right to this premadonna production. I don't think he fits the Canucks' mold. 

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Vesey can only sign an ELC.  Money and term will be the same wherever he signs.  


His base salary cannot be more than 925K and every team will just offer him the maximum target bonus allowed by the CBA.  These bonuses are only paid if he reaches his targets.

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