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14 or 17, FerGawdsakes!!!

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On 7/4/2016 at 11:55 AM, gurn said:

Rather than having one long change period, make the teams have long change every period by switching benches during intermissions.

1 coach on the bench, no other non players except 1 medical guy and 1 equipment guy.

Smaller goalie equipment.

Investigate if scoring would go up with wooden sticks as less breakage than composite, many opportunities seem to die with a broken stick.

Get rid of the instigator penalty.

Interesting idea, but I always thought that the long changes increased scoring.  Did some checking for last two years, and the 1st period by far has the least scoring (about 1800 goals/yr).  2nd and 3rd are pretty close to each other, in the 2250-2350 range, with the 3rd edging higher in both years.


not sure what difference the number of coaches would make, since it helps offense and defense for both teams.  Maybe calls out the strengths of better coaches, or leads to more too-many-men penalties with less coaches to help out.  Maybe that's the plan... more PP time as a result.


I can see looking into the goalie equipment, especially the gloves and the cheater attachments on there.  There are some compelling arguments to support the current size pads that I didn't know enough to counter, but the pads always looked too big lately.  It's so funny to see old games with the goalies flopping around with their tiny pads, and how different that is from today's game.


Very strongly agree about the instigator, and with many others here regarding just plain calling the games properly.  Too much interference, etc. messing with the better players.

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Seven changes I would try:


(1) Move the goal line back to where it used to be.  Rationale: this will force more of the game to be played in front of the net instead of the constant euro-cycling in the corners.


(2) Move the blue lines out by 2'.  Rationale: this increases the amount of ice in the offensive zone and forces the defensive team to cover more ice.


(3) Make the neutral zone trap illegal.  Two minute penalty for illegal defence if a team reverts to the neutral zone trap.


(4) Make the collapsible defence illegal.  Two minute penalty for illegal defence if a team pulls the Tortorella collapse.


(5) Proceed with change in goalie equipment.


(6) Change on the fly only.  Rationale: creates temporary fatigue in players, resulting in more mistakes, resulting in more scoring chances, resulting in more goals.


(7) Go to four quarters, with 15 minute half-time intermission only.  We don't need two intermissions.  Change ends each quarter.  Half of the game will be played with the benches being on the far side. Rationale: same as no. 6

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No icing the puck on the PK. It's not hard. Your player got in trouble so why would you be rewarded the ability to throw the puck down ice? It's 5 on 4, why benifits the team with 4? Want more scoring? Do this and maybe increase the nets a bit, but not too much

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