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[Report] Canucks name Doug Jarvis assistant coach

Dr. Hockey

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54 minutes ago, SaintPatrick33 said:

Hopefully when Willie is getting outcoached and refuses to change strategies in a game, Jarvis can step in and give him some advice. Do not want to see a repeat of the past 2 years where even the announcers knew what we were doing. 


The Canucks riddled with injuries and with a rookie coach hit 101 points. These media plugs were not in the room, not privy to players carrying and playing with injuries and not present at practice - that's why they get nowhere near an NHL coaching job.

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36 minutes ago, riffraff said:

Smart hire.  Good that an assistant coach of similar age was brought in with winning experience.

I bet there will be a crystal bowl full hard candy and liquorice someplace with these 2 relics. 

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Great video, thanks Vintage. Great signing, remember watching him with the Habs back in the day. He has a ton of wisdom and experience to give to the young guys (and the not so young guys). What an opportunity to learn. Maybe he can teach our Cs how to win faceoffs :)



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6 hours ago, ShakyWalton said:

That makes 2 of us..Beleveau as well.


I saw Beleveau play in a charity game with a ton of greats back in the late 80s. He still had that effortless stride....


Maurice Richard was the ref. I learned some years later that they needed to do that to make money....as their pay was low and their pensions stolen...by you know who. 

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10 hours ago, Fanuck said:

Great signing. 


Selke winner himself, so he can definitely help develop the defensive side of the game for our younger forwards. 


Also has extensive experience running an effective NHL PP unit. 


Keep up the great work JB!

and faceooff

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