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I kind of agree personally I think the Canucks would have a better chance at making the playoffs next year with Hudler on the 2nd line over Hansen and Baertschi. In 2014/15 Hudler had 74 points in 76 games. Last year he had 46 points in 72 games prorated over the course of the year thats 52 points. Baertschi's season prorated has him at 33 points over the 82 games. We were 3 last in scoring last year we need to add more goals to our lineup.

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Hi  :)


Being new, a friendly reminder that you should add some ideas to your thread in support of it.  In the event it's just a one line thought, a status update is generally more suitable.   If you need help, just let us know.


Thanks (and welcome)

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