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1 minute ago, DeNiro said:

That's a good thing, it shows drive. Horvat was the same way.


I think he has more to learn in London though. Let him be the number 1 powerplay guy there, and put up big points. 

I think if Tkachuk also goes to London it benefits both of them. Although I think we would be able to shelter him pretty well, and that he won't particularly need that because of what a good passer he is. He will fit on the Canucks soon, just a matter of when. 


Imagining him, Tanev, and Hutton sending all those outlet passes makes me smile. 

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2 hours ago, numb3r 16 said:

what is "our" city? the way you explain it, it seems like a city with a lot of fake fans and people that don't believe in their team...or should i even say "their" more like our. 

These "fake" fans are the people who the Canucks are trying to market to.  And yet nobody is buying tickets.  Nobody.

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The criteria is almost wrong. It should include UFA singings and trades, not drafting and signing RFA assets that you already had?


-Nashville traded an elite D for an elite D. Hard to spot the improvement there, it's a lateral move for both teams. 

-Minnesota shouldn't be on that list. Staal is in decline. Buying out a player makes you better?? I guess so.

-Edmonton improved, and deserves to be on the list. They didn't go far enough though. More depth on D and they have the asset to do it.


The Canucks addressed the Disaster on D. Weber and Bartowski are gone. Instead we have Larsen and Gudbranson. Add Tryamkin to the mix, along with Hutton, Tanev, and Edler, and it starts to look pretty good. Although they did sign Eriksson to address offence, we haven't gone far enough to add more offence. At least we have Boeser is in the system. They don't have the pieces to trade to improve the offence, so we are stuck with it for now. Hopefully one of the many camp invites will show well, and we find a diamond inn the rough along the way.

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Fraid I will disagree. Hamhuis's reluctance to bring physicality after the cup run was his demise concerning his banner in the rafters, or even staying apparently. 

This one fact +some bad luck,and none of the post top d reigne haters today have a leg to stand on. 



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