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Prospect swap + low risk high reward (Proposal)

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the prospect swap is with Dallas, and we send Jake Virtanen away for Julius Honka


the second trade would be Luca Sbisa for Evander Kane. 


Sedin's Eriksson

Kane Sutter Rodin

Baertschi Horvat Hansen

Dorsett Granlund Burrows


Hutton Gudbranson

Edler Tanev

Tryamkin Honka





IMO, we would be headed in a good direction as Kane essentially replaces Virtanen, Sbisa is goner than gone, and we bring in another Blue Chip D prospect.


Now, if we can develop a core around Gudbr Honka Joul Hutton Tryam Tanev + Bowser Boho Baert Kane Rodin + Demko that would be excellent

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I'd rather not risk trading Virtanen for another prospect. Especially one that did marginally better than Subban (both 11 goals, Honka 10 more assists on a more offensive team) in the AHL. They are the same size, one weighs more, the other is taller, both offensive and shoot right. I'd rather keep Virtanen and hope Subban plans out.


Also, Buffalo says no. Kane is worth more than that to them.

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Dallas needs defense -- and they don't really have a need for offense -- so I don't see why they do that deal. Also a no from my end as well.


Kane.. I am on the fence with that guy. The talent is undeniable, but the off ice issues are a concern.. With the Sedins already showing frustration last year, I doubt they want the headache that is Kane. Benning was also a proponent of trading Seguin -- just paraphrasing, but I believe he was recorded saying something along the lines of "we're not here to babysit players". So I am going to guess that we will be passing on Kane -- in any deal

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Its going to take more than Sbisa to get Kane despite the off ice issues I think. 


As for Virtanen to Dallas for Honka, would do it in a second as Honka is the far superior ceiling imo. I can see Virtanen capping as a Sandlak type player. Another poster stated it though, Dallas needs defense so its hard to see them giving up Honka.

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