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Police Kill Another Man In Cold Blood In Falcon Heights


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19 hours ago, DeNiro said:

And I think there's a disconnect in society about how black people are treated differently. Unless you're a black person you have no idea.


You may think it's weird for her to film it, but the sad truth is that's the only way society will believe he was innocent. No video and it's just another cop shooting a "thug" or gangbanger that pulled a weapon on him.


Just be thankful you don't have to live in a world where you're treated as a dangerous criminal or second class citizen.

Excellent points all 3. Believe me Deniro I am very thankful as  it appears that I live in a much more civilized society here in Canada. For tho most part it is only because we have less than 40 million citizens. On the surface it feels as if we are a stronger collective in our core values and try hard not to damage or interfere with those values.


Dig deeper and we will find a culture that is actually spinning it's wheels collectively in regards to social progress. These captured images only serve to fuel the already enraged ignorant masses. To most a cell is a weapon of social media instead of a communication tool.  It is a millisecond connection away from exposing or showcasing the complete insanity of heinous events likes these on a nearly daily basis of where society is really at,    the sh...er.


Seeing this type of footage actually only serves to perpetuate the growing unrest and fear around the world. I dont really have a rational suggestion on how to change it unfortunately Deniro,  AS i have no clue where society is actually headed becasue we are literally walking off a cliff with our face stapled to a screen.

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18 hours ago, CanuckGAME said:

How the **** is a woman supposed to think rationally when her husband was just murdered?


She took the video for evidence.  Not for likes. How the hell did she have her phone rammed up her butt?  What an idiotic post. Like are you serious?

 lol  put down you latte and iphone and keep your eyes on the road sweety.

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On 07/07/2016 at 10:00 PM, DeNiro said:

The video is down now, it will be hard to find.


The guy told the police officer he had a gun and a permit to carry it. At no point did they have reason to believe he was threatening them.

They told him to stop fumbling around for something in his pocket. He did not listen while at gunpoint



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