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Twelve Cops Shot In Dallas Five Dead After Protest Over Recent Killings


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Just now, etsen3 said:

Murdering innocent cops is counterproductive to the goal of reducing police brutality and making society a safer place.  The perps wouldn't have done this if they truly cared about stopping loss of life and families being ripped apart.

The issue is slightly more complicated than that though. Systemic racism and ongoing injustice will eventually boil over. I am in no way condoning the retaliation tonight, but am actually a bit surprised that it took this long for frustrated someone (or additional someone's) to react this way.


Peaceful protests only go so far when the end result is the apparent ongoing murder of innocent until proving guilty black people by the hands of police officers. 





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So sad to see that video of that police cop brutally get murdered so stealthily. That fake maneuver on the Police as well as the awkward position the policeman was, that's absolutely brutal.

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Have not read the thread beyond the first few posts. I don't know who the shooters were but my guess would be black? Retaliation for black lives being killed by police? 


I am a white male so I'm definitely not qualified to speak on behalf of blacks and their struggles, but this is not how to make things better. 


I am making a big assumption about the shooters so if there's any other information please correct me.


I feel for all of the victims of these senseless shootings. Black and white. Something has to change before the violence really gets out of hand but I have no idea how it will happen. 

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