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Mafia-CDC alumni- game over- mafia wins

milk and honey

Who is the GOAT at mafia  

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All the past and present greats of CDC are coming back one last time. Except some of these legends have turn to evil. One of the sneaky mafia even comes across as a normal tp but he isn't. The greats of CDC must use their powers to figure out the scum among them. CDC isn't the smartest place so the town will have to figure out some twists.


Roles(subject to change):


All 4types of sheriffs(paranoid, naive, psycho and normal)

Timelord: A doctor with a bit of a twist. He can only once save the same person 2 nights in a row and can only save himself once. The twist  once per game he can extend the nightfall by one hour. He can still save a person if he chooses to extend a nightfall.

Regular tps 



Rules: http://cdcmafia.wikia.com/wiki/CDC_Mafia_Rulebook#CDC_Mafia_Rulebook


Nightfall is 9pm. Special actions due by 8:45pm.

No PMing



Orders of kills:



Mafia Kill



Game map:

Nightfall 1:

Nightfall 2:

Nightfall 3:

Nightfall 4:

Nightfall 5:

Nightfall 6:




Nightfall 7:

Nightfall 8:

Nightfall 9:



Sign up list:



3. 112

4. Aladeen

5. Kaz

6. Where's Wellwood

7. fwybwed

8. Faclon

9. Timelord

10. Zfetch

11. Dr.S

12. JL

13. Intoewsable

14. BJ

15. Lewitelli

16. Ilduce


18. Baka

19. Baer

20. Dral


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20 minutes ago, Beluga Whale said:



Milk, here are some CDC mafia legends that you haven't played with but NEED to be included imo:






Probably more that I forgot or haven't played with.

pfff these are the real legends to include:



Green Demon


Big Mike


John Locke

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