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Summer Update from Trevor Linden (Season Ticket Holder Email)


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You know, I wish I didn't read TL's message.  I'm no hater, I generally like Benning and his campy style, I have all the time in the world for Linden, he is one of my favourite people and has inspired me with his play during his career.  I literally had a tantrum when Keenan traded him, and I smiled like giddy child when he returned.  I love Linden.


OK, now I'm taking off my Linden knee pads.


I HATE....yes HATE the term "winning culture".  It's a buzzword term and it means less than nothing.  A winning culture comes from winning, not signing people that have won in the past.  Did Toews and Kane need a winning culture?  No, they needed to be Toews and Kane.  When did Linden become a used car salesman? ...cuz that's how that letter read.


So let me understand the "highlights".  We signed an aging player with "character" to a contract that is too long, so he bring this "winning culture" despite the fact he has won nothing.  I'm happy we have Eriksson, he definitely improves our team, but this "culture" garbage can stop anytime.  If anyone is going to contribute our culture, it's Hank, through years of dedication to the organization and city.  Then we picked the best defenseman available in the draft, and signed our RFA goalie.  OK, great, nothing exciting.  If we didn't pick Juolevi or Tkachuk it would have been a fail, and we got the 5th overall pick for enduring a terrible year....and if we lost Markstrom after all of our ridiculous goalie transactions, it would have been a fail. 


I still have the faith, but I expect more and this letter did nothing to alleviate my concern.  If Bo is traded this all goes out the window and I will lose my mind.  At no point will my fanaticism for the Canucks diminish, I guess that's where I differ from some posters, I don't need to like the owners, players or management to be a fan.  The Canucks are as much mine as they are FAQ's.  I have 40 years invested in this, and I'm not going to tip-toe around things I view as disingenuous....which is exactly how this letter came off to me.


Hey TL, do better next time.


Rant complete.



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9 hours ago, CanadianRugby said:

Yeah for sure to be the best you have to compete against and beat the best.  But you have to have players capable of doing great things.  The part I don't like, is Benning is skipping the step that is most likely going to get you those type of players. 

I know, you're right.  It's a catch 22 really.  What about the players that you already have who you want for your new core in 5 years for a Cup run?  Horvat, Virtanen, Baertschi, Gudbranson, Hutton and others.  How good is it for them to be beaten down by the best players in the league (to not play sheltered minutes and be in a position to succeed) and ride down into the sewer of the league to get that really high pick?  Maybe they'll get over it if they don't flounder for too long and they can hang on to a thread of that elusive team culture.   I guess in hindsight, its better to fall very quickly and pick that franchise piece at the very beginning of the rebuild. 


Myself, I mark year 1 of the rebuild as the year they drafted Horvat.  He's a gem but it would be nice to have some clarity on who was going to be the #1 centre to lead us into the future.  That guy is still missing.


It's an interesting debate.  I'm just on CDC trying to figure out what Benning is actually doing.  Whether I agree or not, Benning will do what he thinks best.  From what I can see is that he has a plan and is sticking to it.  Some plans are better than others but staying with it is important because most will work eventually.  Whether it takes 3 years or 5 or 7.  The Oilers I think have changed plans and the Leafs I suspect didn't have one until about a year and a half ago.

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19 hours ago, DonaldBrashear said:

Yeah non-alcohol section doesn't get any e-mails or perks, like Neil said. Why? Because you'd have to be hammered to buy any of the crap they are spewing. Sober people are too smart.

my friend who sits beside me got the email lol

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19 hours ago, Crabcakes said:

I would really like to see Gaunce make the team this year.  He's good enough. 


Burrows may be standing in his way but I see Burrows more as a player who can play up and down the line up and on either side.  So, Burr is a utility guy and Gaunce will have a spot when there is injury.  He may slot in if there is an injury at centre as well.


Benning has two big problems with Acquilinis and paying more guys money not to be in the lineup as regulars.


I know Burrows didn't get bought out but Dorsett and Sbisa both on paper are depth players and should lose their regular spots in the lineup making them anchors.


Trust Acquilinis will be none too happy seeing Sbisa and Dorsett a combined cap hit of over 5 million sitting in the press box and not contributing on the ice.


There is a very real possibility of that happening if Guance,Virtanen, or Etem best Dorsett in the preseason for a spot on the 4th line.


On d Sbisa could easily get beaten out by Tryamkin,Larsen, and even Pedan for that spot.

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