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[Signing] Red Wings re-sign Teemu Pokémon


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6 hours ago, Fantomex said:

“It’s causing people to be distracted. They’re going around catching these pikachus,” Stringer said. “Clearly, it’s a distraction.”


HAHA! No way. Surely the apocalypse is upon us. :lol:

Would the plural of pikachu really be pikachus? Seems like it should just be pikachu.

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58 minutes ago, Davathor said:

Yup, because over 40's don't count when it comes to Pokemon. That would be like my generation trying to enjoy being poor and dirty like in your childhood.

Definitely not in my 40s, early 30s.... I can remember playing Pokemon snap on N64 when I was a kid at Blockbusters, found it very annoying and boring tbh. Never wanted to get into Pokemon, found it childish. 

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