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Sports bar "west tower"


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So this bar was suppose to be open last season, 365 days a year, then i talked to de bonis at a STM event this season he said it got pushed back and it will be only open during events , apparently not a lot of people live in the area to make it, a 365 day sports bar"


id like to see it open, give better options of places to eat at $$$$$

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I recently attended a English Premiership game. The facilities were outstanding. There was an adjoining   restaurants, pubs, coffee shops and huge clothing etc store. They're open 7 days a week. You can go in have a coffee mid week, midday.  Here's the kicker they advertise it or have done until it was established. de Bonis idea of success is and always has been to milk it without putting the effort into promotions. Unless he gets a 20% return immediately and with no effort or expense he doesn't want to know I would think Aquaman is the same with the rising real estate market .... just build baby build and you have a 50% profit margin. Memo to de Bonis and Aquamn some times you have to work at and promote.


If the Canucks make the play-offs this season you can imagine how much tickets will go up

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