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Phones in movie theatres - yay or nay?


What's your opinion on people checking their phones at a movie theatre?  

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Alright, so I watch a fair number of movies at the theater as I enjoy seeing movies on the big screen. During the movie someone Inevitably will be checking their phone, often multiple times. And it's not just teenagers: I'll see parents and grandparents doing the same thing.


If I'm being honest, it usually doesn't bother me other than being a temporary distraction (the light from the phone is usually pretty bright contrasted against the dark theater) but I wonder about the person that can't sit for 1.5 - 2 hours without checking their texts. I will admit that I'm assuming that the majority of these texts are non-emergencies (for example, I can certainly understand someone being "on call" and needing to have their phone with them).


Personally, I always leave my phone at home or in the car when going to a movie as I'm there to enjoy the show, not chat with friends.


Apologies if this is already a topic, but I'm curious to gauge people's thoughts on the matter.

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My wife and I run a theatre. After passing by the sign that says "TURN IT OFF, KEEP IT OFF" Thank-you, movie-goers are given one warning if they light up their device. They are then asked to leave. 99% of our audience strongly supports our policy. Tourists are surprised when we actually enforce the rules.

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The phone is either off and in my pocket or left at home.  Generally if I go out with my wife I'll leave the phone at home as we both don't need a phone on us.  Although, now that I have the geocaching app on it, I'm more likely bring it just in case we have time to kill and go for a stroll to find a nearby geocache.

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I voted it's not a big deal because someone might be waiting for an important call or message, or just making sure their children are OK, or something similar. 


It is rude if they are texting their friends back and forth. 


If you do check your phone it's a good idea to lower the brightness of your screen all the way down so you don't bother others around you. 



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I used to work at a movie theatre. Its annoying when it creates a big scene. By that I mean, you've got some guy on his phone the whole time, somebody else complains, an employee has to go in and awkwardly walk down the aisle to tell them to stop (and of course they won't because they're stubborn) and by that point its just disruptive to everybody watching.

It doesn't really bother me now if I'm watching a movie, as long as they're not doing something dumb like talking to someone on their phone. Its just mildly irritating in that sense that "you can't go a couple hours without checking your phone?", so the third option for me.

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