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Hey guys, it's my first post so please don't go crazy if this trade is terrible. The Canucks need a centreman and a left wing to fill the roles of Daniel and Henrik Sedin when they retire. Right now our future top line looks like this : Baertschi Horvat Boeser. That is a good second line, but not a good first. The only Canuck that will be on the first line in the future is probably Boeser. Other than that we are complete trash, so we need some good 1st line players. Here is my first ever proposal.


To Edm



To Van


Cagguila (If he wants to play here)



This is a very risky deal cause this might make Edmonton a lot better


Lucic McDavid Puljujarvi

Maroon RNH Eberle


Nurse Tanev

Sekera Larsson


The only reason that they might trade Klefblom is because their top 4 is really good now. Also, Klefblom can play left and right so that's awesome.


Next year lineup


Daniel Henrik Eriksson                               

Baertschi Horvat Hansen                            

Rodin Draisaitl Sutter                                  

Burrows/Etem Granlund Dorsett                  


Edler Klefblom

Hutton Gudbranson

Tryamkin Larsen


Our defense does get weaker but it still is pretty much the same. Let me know what you think?

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4 minutes ago, SabreFan1 said:

Oh good God.  This section of the board seems to get more ridiculous by the day.

Larsson got Hall remember    

2 minutes ago, canuktravella said:


  fail bro faill   your trades so off the mark lol  good luck playing ea sports be a gm 

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22 minutes ago, NUCKER67 said:

If you start a Trade Proposal thread, please try to make it realistic. Canucks would probably have to trade Horvat+ to get Drasaitl alone.  

Only reason I'm going to defend this kid is simply for this fact; 


Look at how far all those fancy wingers and centermen got Edmonton until now. 

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:shock: uuuuummmmmm NO!!!! Ok could happen, but both parties in the trade would have to be intoxicated. We do not need any more centers, trading Tanev would be really stupid, and Drasaitl is not going anywhere, not if the Edm gm was smart. We need one or two goal scoring wingers that can go between the second and third line, hence why JB picked up Rodin, and we have Virtanen. Sorry but this trade is rated -3000. If JB is going to trade anything it is going to be a vet player or one of the 24-27 year old projects that have not panned out, i just don't see JB trading high picks or valued prospects like Horvat, Cassels, Virtanen, or Bertchi unless what they are getting in return is way better, and with the direction most teams are going (younger) that is not to likely to happen. Nice try though:)

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Caggulia chose not to sign here.  It sounds like the Canucks expressed interest in him......then he chose NOT to sign here.

SO now we are going to trade for him?  It's almost like being a stalker......you will be mine.....or NO ONES

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Tanev alone won't get Draisitl, however, Edmonton is looking like a team that could be ripe with unaffordable RFA's soon. McJesus is going to be getting a massive contract. Puljujarvi could be up for a huge raise. Defense is a big problem for Edmonton; Darnel Nurse is coming up on RFA status. Are they willing to pass on a couple other young dmen in Reinhart and Brandon Davidson who could be right for a break out season, to re-sign Draisitl, who will definitely be a player of interest if they risk letting him reach RFA status. If they lock him up, their ability to sign the others becomes problematic as cap space is a great concern for them now. I do believe they have a couple pieces that will come available by TDL but don't think Draisitl is going anywhere. I believe that when the dust settles, RNH is going to have a new home. At 6 mil. a season, RNH would be a pretty expensive third line center.

Another point I would like to make is that Tanev has a lot of value in our line up, providing the, all important, stay at home aspect of a successful defensive core. With the new direction JBs taken on the blue line, he makes more sense now than ever before. I no longer see our defense as a weakness but a strength and one that will, truly be the backbone of this team for the foreseeable future.

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I honestly don't see anyway that this works. The Oilers have been (and still are) hurting on the back end. 


Klefbom is there guy - he's going to anchor that blue line, or at least that's what their banking on. 


If you're going to try for anyone, it's got to be Draisitil. Big, mobile and skilled. The price would probably be something Vancouver couldn't easily afford.

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