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Five Free Agents Who May Not Get a Contract

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11 hours ago, GettinGuddyWithIt said:

Lol they do it for the money. Each page clicked equals more money.

Yup, and nuckleheads like the OP repost their useless crap without providing any excerpt in the thread.


MSN is up there with Yahoo for my most trusted sports sources... :rolleyes:

11 hours ago, HK Phooey said:

I'm surprised that Vrbata isn't on that list.

Not really, even MSN is smart enough to realize he might get a contract still.

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On 20/07/2016 at 9:48 PM, HerrDrFunk said:

Yeah, I find sites like those to be the lowest form of web design. I'll save other people the trouble:


Bourque, Scott, Hodgson, Erhoff, Richards.

I believe John Scott will get an AHL contract.. I still think Ehrhoff and Mike Richards still have the legs to play in the NHL and they'll get a 1 year contract most likely.. if not, then PTO

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The saddest story of them is Hodgeson. He had all the tools to be a great player in the NHL but impatience, greed and, suspected, family interference ruined his career. If he'd taken the path that Vancouver management had set for him, he'd more likely be enjoying a career where he'd, now, be reaching his peak. It's one of the biggest wastes of talent I've seen in a long time. Maybe he finds a home in Europe but I can still see him in 30 years, thinking about the mistakes he made in how he handled his career. Too bad.

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