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I guess it will be Vanilla now!



Rules: http://cdcmafia.wikia.com/wiki/CDC_Mafia_Rulebook


The Vanilla Ice Cream Bandits are on the loose

and stealing every flavour of ice cream, except Vanilla!
No one knows who these bandits are and

even the Citizens of Springfield themselves are suspect.
Homer Simpson is charged with finding

and punishing the scummy bandits!
Will Spingfield ever enjoy neapolitan ice cream again?

It's up to the Town and Homer! D'OH!!


"Chief Wiggum?", Kent Brockman, Channel 6 news, "Can you tell us if you have any suspects?"
Wiggum - "Uh, not at this time"
Brockman - "Do you have an idea of how many are involved in these thefts?"
Wiggum - "Uh, I think there are 3 or 4, or maybe 5. It could be 6.

                They are very tricky and leave lots of tracks that go nowhere."

Lou - "Chief, Chief!"
Wiggum - "What is it Lou?"
Lou - "We've gathered up all the Vanilla Ice cream and placed it in cold storage lockdown Chief."
Wiggum - "Very good Lou."

Wiggum - "Attention everyone, could I have your attention.

                 I will be working very hard at getting to the bottom of these ice cream cases.

                 I have appointed Homer Simpson as a special Sheriff Vigilante."

Wiggum (whispering)- "Did you bring the spoons Lou?"




Homer Simpson - Sheriff Vigilante

Citizens (#TBD)



Ice cream Bandits (#TBD)



There is NO PMing

For your safety - please play anonymously!



GK - Miss 2 consecutive round votes





First Nightfall will be at 9:00 pm on Sunday, July 24th.
This extended period will only last for the first round,

to enable all players the opportunity to participate.

Second Nightfall will be Monday, July 25th. at 9:00 pm.

Nightfall will then occur every 24 hrs.
All Actions are due by 8:45 pm
Failure to vote at least every 2nd. round will incur a GK.




1. - Alain Vigneault
2. - Aladeen
3. - Blue Jay 22
4. - Beluga Whale
5. - g_bassi13

6. - Stamkos

7. - Dral

8. - fwybwed

9. - milk and honey

10. - Zfetch

11. - Kazmanian Devil

12. - Time Lord

13. - Baka

14. - ilduce39

15. - Master Radishes

16. - Virtanen87

17. - Yachty

18. - thejazz97

19. - JohnLocke

20. - One one two

21. - HashtagNucks

22. - falcon45ca                                                             

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Game Start


Nightfall 1

                  Vote Pattern

Nightfall 2

                  Vote Pattern 2

Nightfall 3

                  Vote Pattern 3

Nightfall 4

                  Vote Pattern 4

Nightfall 5

                 Vote Pattern 5

Nightfall 6

                 Vote Pattern 6


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I'll play. It will be my first try on CDC, but I played mafia as a kid so I know how it works.


When does the first time round start. Won't be able to see the details or play until Monday.

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8 hours ago, Time Lord said:

We didn't have angleshooting against the rules at the time though.


Which reminds me, we should add that rule



I think he's joking but we did have something similar in the rules:


"8) All rules are subject to staying within the "spirit of the rules" as well. Just because there may be a loophole in the rule's wording does not mean the rule can be averted. The GM of the game will have final say on what constitutes rule breakage."


I can add another rule that's more clear about angle-shooting.

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