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[Proposal] Van-Ana/Van-Det/UFA Acquisition/Clear Cap

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(Proposal) Van-Ana

To Canucks: Cam Fowler

To Ducks: Alex Burrows (back diving contract so this year NHL salary $3 mill) and Brendan Gaunce or Markus Granlund

(Proposal) Van-Det

To Canucks: Gustav Nyquist and 2017 6th round draft pick

To Red Wings: Alex Edler

(Proposal) UFA Acquisition

To Canucks: Sam Gagner $2 mill for 1 year with bonus if achieves 45+ points

(Proposal) Trade (Free up some cap)

To Team that needs a D: Luca Sbisa 

To Canucks: draft pick


To be honest, I think JB would choose to trade Gaunce over Granlund.  I've read that the Ducks want to trade Fowler for a top 9 gritty forward and both Burrows and Gaunce fit that category.


If we do get Fowler then trade Edler for Nyquist.


Gagner will be 2nd line playmaker for sniper Nyquist.


NJ and Canes have money and extra draft picks that might take Sbisa.


Critique away lol... I hope to get a job with Benning and Linden soon hahaha jks

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The problem with the first idea.  Is Anaheim will be able to get more for Fowler than that.

We are offering up a 4th liner likely in his last season, and a younger 4th liner?

We aren't even close.


Second idea.  Same problem.  


Third idea.  If it's just to spend that leftover cap space, better off to see what's available later in summer.


Forth idea.  The random Sbisa for anything.

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6 minutes ago, Ojibwa72 said:

Maybe not. Burrows and Kesler had some chemistry here.

Yeah, in 2011. So unless your deal comes with a time machine, they don't think twice about denying.


And by the way, they aren't looking for a top 9 forward for Fowler. They are looking for a Top 6 cost controlled LW.



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Re Gagner - performance bonuses are not authorised.  Only possible for ELCs or Age-35+ contracts.


Fowler can bring in a better return than an upcoming UFA or unproven players.  Detroit-Anaheim might be able to make a deal as Detroit are looking for D and Anaheim are looking for wingers - they don't need Vancouver in the middle.

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49 minutes ago, whytelight said:

Why would the Ducks give up a 12th overall D for an ageing overpaid 4th liner and a risky 4th line prospect?


Think actual hockey trades that benefit both teams.


To VAN = Cam Fowler

to ANA = Jannik Hansen




3 hours ago, Odjick_fan said:

So I shouldn't quit my day job lol


Also I got the D mixed up in the Ana trade.  Shoulda been Josh Manson just for Burrows...my bad


Got y'all worked up for nothing lol

that why i said i mixed up D.  it shoulda been manson not fowler.


dont get mad lol

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