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Your ultimate muscle car


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Oh my god it's so easy. 66 chevelle customized wth the 67 rear emblems. Love the 66 front and the 67 back. Maybe a little Rare Earth cranked on the 8 track   Edit - I see I've posted on this before. Never mind this then. Oh geez. Just realized I started it. I'm such a donkey sometimes. Good lord. 

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On August 10, 2016 at 8:45 AM, Tre Mac said:

Not huge into cars but always like Chevelles and Beaumonts.  My dad had 4 chevelles at once back when I was a kid, it was the first car I got to start up.  He also had a demon that he wrote off in a ditch 5 min away from a family party we were all at.



Wowsers. I just peed a little. 

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