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[Discussion] *Updated* Is It Really All That Bad?


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Drafting is important?  Of course.....teams put lots of resources into amateur scouting etc for a very good reason.


Developing is important?  When drafting 17 year olds there is lots of development to be done.  Developing is huge.


Players are generally effective NHLers between the ages of 22 and 34 (12 years with exceptions).  Since there are 23 players on an active NHL roster,  that means that there are an average of 2 players for each age.  There is a certain amount of attrition due to career ending injury and other reasons, a team needs to have 3 players on average entering this age group every year in order to sustain themselves.  These can come from drafted players coming of age, trades and free agency.


Every team starts out with 7 draft picks (today) which are assets that can be used for the teams future development.  It is most important that these assets are not wasted.  Does it matter if these assets are used as picks or if they are used to generate actual NHL players?



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51 minutes ago, mpt said:

Our problems go back way further than 2005.  That's when we sorta started turning it around


Look at our picks from 1991 and on.  It was a sad sight to see


Besides Ohlund, Sopel, Cooke, Ruutu, we didn't draft anyone between 1991 and 1999 when the Sedins came along, then Bieksa in round 5 a few years later in 2001, then nothing until Kesler in 2003. 2004 we started turning it around and had some actual players we could use, even though our 1st rounders had a good or bust rating

I would have to disagree here...If you can get at least 2 NHL players a draft,that's pretty decent in my books.The Canucks were skunked in '96 (Josh Holden),but other than that:


1991...Alex Stojanov (parlayed for Naslund),Jassen Cullimore,Sean Pronger

1992...Mike Peca,Adrian Aucoin

1993...Mike Wilson,Scott Walker

1994..Mattias Ohlund,Dave Scatchard,Tyson Nash

1995..Peter Schaefer,Brent Sopel


1997...Brad Ference,Matt Cooke

1998..Bryan Allen,Artem Chubarov,Jarrko Ruutu


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