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[Discussion] Fire Benning! Prediction, Whatever, Rant,

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Just thought I would get a jump on this now as I see it coming in a few months.


At the start of the season the Canucks will be near the top of the division, closer to the end of November they will start to slide, come January they will be fighting for a wild card spot, at the trade deadline they will be 4 to 6 points out and say they think they can still make it, even though there are 4 or more teams they have to leap frog.


Somewhere between November and the trade deadline this;


Statements will be made about competing for a play off spot.

Then about competing game by game.

Then a statement of confidence in the coach.

*Then the firing of the coach and hiring of the savior (who knows the young guys that aren't playing in the NHL).


At the trade deadline;

Statements about having no cap room to do deals.

The high cost of top line players. DUH!

Not a good enough return. (for a player at the end of the contract) because if they did that it would signal, to even the most dense fan, the playoffs are out of the question.


New ticket deals.


A huge amount of talk about Utica  and the players in Utica and Boser and OJ and Demko, with none of them playing a NHL minute.

I mean, does it really matter how well Utica does? The Marlies have been very good for a lot of years and TO still sucked.


Injuries will be blamed.


One of the reason's to fire JB is because he delayed and didn't do what he should have in his first year, REBUILD, instead of lying to the fans and saying management thought they were a competitive playoff team. Sure they surprised everyone in the NHL and then embarrassed themselves by letting little known 4th liner, Ferland, run them out of the rink in a classic one and done. Repeating the same stuff will shine light on their deficiencies as hockey people and magnify that they are nothing more than salesmen trying to squeeze the money out of your pocket by selling hope. Just watch and listen to the sales pitch over the next couple of months. Listen to what they said last year, then hit repeat.


The first year, a collapse could have happened and the fans would have been okay with it because of the Linden factor and that they are all rookies, of course the reward might have been a lottery pick as well. The second year, the sales team could have been selling youth. This year any improvement, be it player or team, at all.


Goaltending (Markstrom and Demko) and defense were already almost a total lock already, especially with the way Hutton and Tryamkin performed, FORWARDS, namely top three types should have been sought so that year three the team is only two years behind Calgary, Edmonton and Arizona instead of waiting to be the team between those teams and SJ, LA, Anaheim and Vegas until the next blow it up occurs.




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6 minutes ago, 'NucK™ said:

Man sucks to be you... if I had those opinions I wouldn't even watch the upcoming season, let alone be excited for it

I get that from family members all the time, I watch games and pick them apart because that is what the job is.


The signature line gives 4 choices, ?????

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What JB is trying to do has been spelled out multiple times on this board.


Incidentally, I very much so would not have been okay with a blowup in the first year, nor would I be okay with a full tank now. If that happened, then he really would deserve to be fired.

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Does being a STH entitle one to controversial statements, or openly adversarial opinion?


Half asked tongue-in-cheek, as my opinions frequently p*ss off the masses, yet the NHL hasn't gotten a dime from me since the 20th C..


Proponents/detractors should be open to one & all, but explaining one's outlook is helpful.

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7 minutes ago, TheGuardian_ said:

How many that post have actually bought SEASON tickets? How about more than 10?

Why do you care? It's their money for tickets, just as it is ownerships money. It's ok to disagree that you don't like Benning's approach. But you aren't the GM. Teams like Edmonton, Columbus, and Colorado have had 1st overall picks, all three seem pretty far away from winning the Stanley Cup. No one predicted last offseason that Pittsburgh would win the cup. At least let's see where the team is at the end of the season. 


Or are you only happy when the torches and pitchforks are out?

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1 hour ago, TheGuardian_ said:

I wonder how many will see what this is?


Truly read my signature line and think.

learn by doing best way to learn after research!!!


I do not agree but think you have thought it out and I will say I see things different.if we do as said would be like other seasons we have had,but I think this group is different then others and our leaders will help right the ship!!!

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If we fire Benning, a drafting GM, you could expect that the next replacement we get would shift the teams focus to competing for a cup ASAP. Ownership always have wanted to win. 


That would mean giving up the youth we have. Virtanen, Boeser Juolevi and etc for pieces that would help us win now. 


That's the biggest outlook I see ownership doing if they ever consider firing Benning, who seems to be a rebuilding type GM.


That's definitely a great fear I have with this ownership if they do fire Benning at any point of time during this transition. 


We are rebuilding. It is just not a full on tear down rebuild. Rebuild while trying to win and create a winning culture. If Benning can keep on drafting players like Boeser and McCann with late firsts then I don't see a huge issue for the time being


Also by the time the Sedins are done you could reasonably expect a certain amount rough seasons following till the young core shows that they can handle the reins passed down to them. That could be the time frame where we could possibly get that next franchise player that could put us over the top with are already built new core. 


Until then we have to develop this next new wave of players otherwise we will be in a heap of trouble when the Sedins are finally done. 

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