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Bell V Telus V Rogers Wireless


Best Cell Provider?  

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It really depends on what you're looking for...



Windows and mobilicity are pretty crap even though they've improved a bit. Rogers and their subsidiary companies have the best coverage in the city.  Bell and Telus share towers, as well as their subsidiary companies Virgin and Koodo . Their coverage in the main city is not as good as Rogers but is definitely superior on the island or once you get away from the city a bit.  



Customer service:

I feel that Telus still has the best customer service overall, but their wait times for their support teams over the phone can be quite tedious (especially for home services).  An underused feature is their online chat which connects really quickly.  Telus has the best in store experience but really if you kind of know what you need and what you're doing, then it doesn't really matter. It's partly why older people prefer Telus (also cause lots of them were with good old BCTEL back in the days.



Also depends what you're looking for since the big 3 companies have very similar pricing structures. If you don't need a big plan and the newest phones, or if you're comfortable with buying your phone on Craigslist etc then definitely go with one of the subsidiary companies (koodo, fido, virgin, chatr) and see which one has slightly better perks that you wouldo need. If you have a big family, use a lot of data, or want one of the newer phones then go with one of the big 3. Prices will be about the same and again just look for any special sales or perks that suits your needs.



All of the retention teams are very similar and don't offer much nowadays. Before they could give you a 6gb unlimited nationwide plan for maybe 65 dollars, but now all they give is maybe 5-15$ off the in market rates.  Credits for new phones have decreased but in store/online sales and promotions have  increased.  You'll get more based on your payment history, tenure, number of lines etc.  Also, don't sound like an entitled brat because the retention reps are just people doing their jobs.  If you feel that you're not getting enough then hang up, do some shopping, and try one more time calling in (sometimes the rep just isn't willing to help, or you can choose to escalate it if justified).


In the end, again, it just depends what you're looking for.  There's no really "the best" cause they're all kind of colluding to squeeze the most out of us anyways.  Shop around and be patient for good deals.  Every company has bad reps but also really good ones.

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Forever_hope's impressions of the market perfectly reflect mine.


As a single guy who never used much data, had an old Rogers plan for a while but it sucked.  After being billed one too many times for US roaming when I was in Tsawwassen (and the hassle of having their call centre people be useless), I went to Koodo.  Their prices were good and their service was awesome.  Now I'm on a Telus corporate plan and their service is equally as good.


Girlfriend started on Rogers too but they sucked.  She tried Wind but the reception is appalling.  Now she's on Koodo.


Her parents and siblings were all on a family plan together so they got a great deal from Rogers.  And their coverage is really good so it just depends on your situation. 

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Mid- last week, my LG G4 had a sudden problem with motherboard (wouldn't load past the load screen).

I take it to Rogers, and they say they will send it away and get it repaired for free. I was happy.

They agree to give me a loner phone until I receive my fixed phone. I was happy... Until I had to use the phone they gave me.


After my high-quality phone that they sold me suffered a hardware problem (no doing of my own), their policy is to give me the absolute worst and crappiest LG phone (wouldn't be surprised if it were called "LG $&!# brick") I have ever used, and likely ever will. Ugly, small brick, terribly slow, and doesn't even support half the apps I want (including Pokémon Go!!!! :( ). So their policy is essentially to make me pay my ridiculously priced monthly rate, wherein I am stuck with this $&!#ty phone for practically 1/4 of the month (they say 7-10 business days, but my plan obviously doesn't make such distinctions).


I think a much smarter thing to do would be to lone out the top-of-the-line models, so that people see what they are missing and are enticed to upgrade their phone.


I know its their "policy", but I will definitely contact Rogers about this when I get my phone back and let them know that it seriously has me considering switching providers.


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Their plans are a little more flexible ever since they introduced  the Premium + plans, (the monthly fees are higher but the price of a high end phone like a iphone6s or a s7 is cheaper)


their plans also include NHL game centre live (telus and bell doesn't have this), roam like home (if you travel a lot) allows you to use your phone like you do at home in whatever country your in, for example, if your in China and you have roam like home, it means you can call any Chinese number and have the data that is included in your plan.  Not to mention you can call home absolutley free.   You guys also get  6 months free of spotify or shomi. 


telus or bell doesn't have any of that.



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Telus.  Absolutely zero issues for me so far.


Had Bell for 2 months and finally got tired of calling weekly for one issue or another.  This was a decade ago but the customer service was unacceptable.  Luckily I wasn't on a contract.


Switched to Rogers and was massively overbilled in the triple digits on multiple occasions due to their error.  Had to involve the CCTS and get my contract voided due to the multiple violations.

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