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International Space Station Visible Over Vancouver For a Week


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37 minutes ago, DonLever said:

Here is the schedule if you want to see the International Space Station over Vancouver:







Its easy to spot.  It looks like a bright star moving through the sky.

haven't looked for it this year, but for years would see it regularly zipping across the sky. A couple times was neat to see as it passed overhead and continued along you could see it arching on its path, curving with the earth's curve I suppose lol.


I am on the Sunshine Coast so next to no light pollution here so thats always helpful too.

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7 hours ago, nucklehead said:

Does anyone else question what they've REALLY been up to up there all this time????


I'm all for space exploration, it seems though the whole purpose of the ISS has been a waste. It's supposed to be a launch platform for exploration to the Moon and Mars but it seems either a combination of short-sightedness and lack of public enthusiasm has killed any hope of me ever seeing a Moon landing in my lifetime. 


I honestly believe we won't be able to conquer space until the Earth finally achieves the One World Government and abandons all form of organized religion.

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