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Odd Man/Men out


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This upcoming season has as crowded a roster as we've ever seen it with some talented youth who are going to drastically improve with a summer of training.


Ive made multiple attempts at creating a line up and the bottom line seems to be that something has to give and a player/ players may have to be involved in a trade for picks


instead of giving it another go at a roster I'll go the numbers route; 

12 Forwards

6 Defence

3 in the press box 

= 21 man Roster


Lets start with the locks to make the team;



- D. Sedin, H. Sedin, L. Ericsson, B. Horvat, S. Baertshi, B. Sutter,J. Hansen, 

= 7 players



C.Tanev, A.Edler, B.Hutton,E. Gudbransen, 

=4 players


That leaves 5 Forward positions;

A.Burrows; Linden and Co have gone on the record on multiple occasions expressing the need of his vet presence


D.Dorset; adds a much needed toughness and stability on the 4th line


M. Granlund; Recently signed to a reasonable contract extension and would fill that 4th line center roll nicely


A. Rodin; specifically signed to bring in additional scoring and would require waivers


J.Virtanen; had a decent 1st year and showed he could be defensively responsible, I believe he will show the most improvement after a off season of training 


E. Etem; recently signed and seems to be working hard this offseason. Requires waivers and seems to be becoming a character guy 


B. Gaunce; Willy D. Thought he deserved a spot at the end of training camp last season and his versatility to play C and wing could improve his chances at making the team


Grenier; recently signed, could be a ideal 4th line player, consistently a point producer in the AHL with a big frame, requires waivers


That = 8 players for 5 spots




L. Sbisa; basically a lock, just seems to be the most obvious trade option


Larsson; traded and signed for the intent of being a PP specialist and some much needed offense from our D


Tryamkin; holds an out clause to KHL and has expressed its NHL or home 


A. Biega; played most of the season last year as a depth defenseman and won over the organization enough to warrant a 1 way deal


A Pedan; recently signed and requires waivers. Cost a 2nd round pick and this is the season that cost could start to pay off


O. Juolevi; I'll put him on the list just because I'm sure someone will mention him but I believe it's back to juniors for him


= 6 players for 2 spots


So that leaves 3 forwards and 4 defence with 3 vacant press box spots so who stays and who goes?


I personally think the press box should be

B. Gaunce, Center depth

Tryamkin, need to keep him, showed he can play and adds depth 

A. Pedan; can't risk losing him to waivers


so 2 forwards and 2 defence either get sent down or a trade happens. What do you guys think happens?






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Internal competition can only make us a better team. 


Training camp and pre-season games will sort out the NHL/AHL/CHL and even European assignments. 


As proven, GMJB isn't afraid to waive guys if necessary. 

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8 minutes ago, Fanuck said:

Internal competition can only make us a better team. 


Training camp and pre-season games will sort out the NHL/AHL/CHL and even European assignments. 


As proven, GMJB isn't afraid to waive guys if necessary. 

I agree with much of your assessment except I think Gaunce can be C depth while still playing in Utica (they will definitely want to keep Etem).   They may send Virtanen to Utica in order to free up some time to assess Rodin.  I can't see Grenier making the team.


Defence is far more difficult.  Sbisa stays, unless traded; as does Tryamkin.  I think they keep Pedan as the extra guy, so it will be up to Larsen and Beiga to outplay the others.


As you've stated, 'the cream will float to the top' at training camp, but I do think the Canucks will likely lose a player they would like to keep.



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6 minutes ago, Fanuck said:

Internal competition can only make us a better team. 


Training camp and pre-season games will sort out the NHL/AHL/CHL and even European assignments. 


As proven, GMJB isn't afraid to waive guys if necessary. 

the problem is the # of guys who are waiver eligible though.  Maybe they'd like to assign Pedan to the AHL rather than have him be 8th D in the press box, but they can't.. 


I also doubt were going to be able to deal any of those 8 forwards OP listed (Virtanen/Gaunce excluded + they are waiver exempt), since GM's aren't going to be handing out picks for players that may be acquired from free after training camp cuts. so that makes 6 players who could be lost on waivers with only room for 5 of them.. and likely room for only 4 if Virt makes the team. 


then on D you have 4 guys who could be lost on waivers - Sbisa, Pedan, Tryamkin (waivers exempt but has out clause), Larsen with only room for 2..


Just wanted to highlight the point OP is making particularly with waiver eligible players. No idea how JB is going to deal with this situation w/o losing assets we just paid for last year; but it's definitely not as easy as just assigning guys based on performance and waiving the rest.

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Forward: (13) Hank, Dank, Eriksson, Sutter, Horvat, Granlund, Baertschi, Hansen, Burrows, Dorsett, Etem all make it =11


      2 of Gaunce, Rodin, Virtanen make it, the other plays with Vancouver as an injury replacement.


     I'm guessing Grenier spends most of the season in Utica


Defence (8)-Edler, Tanev, Hutton, Gudbranson, Sbisa, Larsen, Tryamkin and one of Biega or Pedan (likely Pedan), the other going to Utica.


First skater injured will likely be replaced by a forward to temporarily change the numbers to 14 and 7.


Goal- M & M


Obviously, subject to further signings and trades.

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5 minutes ago, oldnews said:

Training camp happens.  And then the chips fall.  The point is depth and healthy competition.

I'd be tempted to claim Vermette and add him to the mix.



Probably the only way you'll get him.  As a UFA he'll probably go somewhere cheap where he can win again

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2 hours ago, numb3r 16 said:

We're you spelling their names wrong on purpose or what lol

I wouldn't really comment on someone's spelling errors when you spelt "We're" wrong...  As long as you know what the person meant, it doesn't matter, especially if someone using autocorrect doesn't continue to edit every last name he writes down.  

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They'll run 13 forwards which makes Gaunce the odd man out because he still doesn't have to clear waivers. 


They'll run 8 D which means that probably Pedan goes on waivers unless he can be moved because he's a LHD or Biega.  Or maybe Sbisa is moved because the alternative is losing another player for nothing.


OP is right, there are a couple of extra's and how it shakes out depends a lot on camp.


Sedin Sedin Eriksson

Baertschi Sutter Hansen

Etem Horvat Rodin

Burrows Granlund Virtanen



Edler Tanev

Hutton Gudbranson

Sbisa Larsen

Tryamkin Biega

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If the pre-season starts tomorrow that isn't a bad assessment and +1 for being thorough (spelling police be dammed!).   We have a glut of third/fourth line players, one or two of them are mathematically a lock for impressing their way into the line-up and I don't think JB will pause much before waiving somebody if the competition warrants it.  Like last year with Hutton, we have a very good to excellent chance of having a player that will exceed expectations and make waves up the line-up in an upward trajectory.   This team and fan base have reason for optimism.  One of:









and even Bear or Horvat


Could make huge steps into becoming a solid roster player that helps this club in a big way.... 

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1 hour ago, harrytoolips said:

I hope they send Virtanen to the AHL to develop another season, that saves us one guy that we'd lose on waivers anyway...I have high hopes for Etem with how he ended last season..I also like the grit that Gaunce brings, it would be hard to see him sent down..

Virtanen should impress at training camp

he has all the tools and was very young last season playing in his first professional season in his home town. He just needs to find his role on the team 

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I'm glad someone made this post. I was thinking about this yesterday and did some homework on what our AHL roster is looking like and who will make the NHL line up. Basically after some digging it turns our we may have a pretty stacked AHL club as well. Rough line ups as follows...barring we start the season as we sit right now.




Left Wing      Center         Right Wing

D. Sedin       H. Sedin       L. Eriksson  (not much to say here)

A. Rodin       B. Sutter       J. Hansen (so many question about the 2nd line, does Rodin even stick or get sent to AHL?)

S. Baertchi   B. Horvat      E. Etem (horvat and Etem had good chemistry at the end of the year)

A. Burrows  M. Granlund  D. Dorsett  (may be a decent 4th line)

Spare forward: B. Gaunce


Left D              Right D

A. Edler        C. Tanev  (obviously)

B. Hutton      E. Gudbranson   (excited to see this potential pairing)

L. Sbisa        P. Larsen   (the crap shoot pairing, who knows... could be swapped out with spares)

Spare D: A. Pedan, N. Tryamkin   (waive Biega to Utica)


Goalies: Marky and Miller




Left Wing         Center           Right Wing

D. Hulak         M. Chaput      A. Grenier    (Hulak proven 40-50 pt AHL scorer, Chaput FO specialist and former 1st rd pick)

M. Zalewski    J. Megna       J. Virtanen    (Zalewski and Megna will provide steady 35-45 pt production, plus set up Virtanen)

C. Bancks      W. Hamilton   B. Rendulic   (great AHL 3rd line, Bancks and Hamilton are awesome together, Rendulic can pot 30pts)

D. Archibald   C. Valk          C. Cassels     (Valk and Cassels have a lot to prove, but excited to see where they go)

Spare forwards/ ECHL fodder:  YP Laplante, J. Labate, M. Carcone, C. Kunyk


Left D               Right D

T. Ehrdhart     Tom Nilsson  (I like this pairing, Ehrdhart really stepped up last year, Nilsson hits like a tonne of bricks)

C. Billins         T. Stetcher     (great offensive pairing, Billins is a proven point producer in AHL, Stetcher will be a gem)

A. Sautner      J. Subban      (Sautner came a long way last year, Subban hopefully improves his D game)

J. Negrin        D. Shields      (Negrin has been serviceable for Utica, Shields really surprised last year, may be ready to build off it) 

Spare D / ECHL fodder: E. McEnemy, M. Stewart, A. Biega


Goalies: R. Bachman, M. Gartieg, T. Demko  (one goalie will be sent to ECHL)



So as you can see it's pretty crowded!! Plus I haven't included any possible camp invites or draft prospects that may be turning pro...couldn't find any info on that. I'm not sure if you guys have ever watched much of the Utica Comets games online, but it really is a great team to watch. The building is nuts and they play a chippy defense first game under T. Green. But with the addition of Chaput, Hulak, Megna, Rendulic Utica has A LOT of competition as well. REALLY LOOKING FORWARD to this season :)



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56 minutes ago, Crabcakes said:

Thanks for doing the work.   It's great to see the depth of the entire organization through Utica.


I'm not sure I agree with everything but like you say, it's getting pretty crowded.

Thanks, I like to follow Utica...and beyond for that matter. Really excited to see a few prospects in Alaska this year, great hockey atmosphere up there.


It's a pretty big mash, who knows where guys end up. But they added a mix of 24-27 year old AHL vets with some upside to play into bigger roles. Chaput intrigues me. Supposed to be a face off ace, but haven't seen much of him personally, and he's 24. Megna is an interesting pick up as well.

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