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Music Mix Exchange [Send your mixes in!]


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What's good, boys and girls!


It's been a while, but I thought it'd be time for another mix!




Just some quick guidelines:


I will be accepting somewhere up to around 12 people, depends how much interest.

  • Post in this thread to claim a spot (First come, first serve basis)
  • Every participant will submit a 30-45 minute playlist to me via PM (Youtube playlist/links to each song preferred.)
  • How many songs you want to include is up to you as long as the aggregate total is 30-45 mins. (Could be twelve 3 minute songs or three 12 minute songs.)
  • Each person who submits a mix will receive one of their own to listen to and review
  • Reviews should follow the basic format of naming the song, posting a youtube link (if one is available), rating the song (whatever system works for you), and ending with a few sentences explaining why the assigned song earned the rating it did (i.e. "I didn't care for the vocals. Had a hot beat though. A semi-enjoyable mess.")
  • At the end of the reviewing process, post a guess regarding whose mix you got - I'll PM a personal compliment to those who guess correctly.
  • It is expected that you follow through with a review once receiving your mix. Never good to be that guy who lets everyone down.


P.S. I will be checking over each mix. If I see a lot of trollish songs in a single mix I will ask you to submit a different mix.


Dope! Hope this pans out.


1. @thejazz97 - mix sent in

2. @falcon45ca - mix sent in

3. @Tigs

4. @Spoderman - mix sent in

5. @Lil B From The Pack

6. @Kazmanian Devil - mix sent in

7. @Zfetch - mix sent in

8. @Alain Vigneault

9. @Salmonberries - mix sent in

10. @ThrustyPrusty89 - mix sent in

11. @hatedkid666 - mix sent in

12. @LaBamba

13. @Baer. - mix sent in

14. @Caboose


Awesome! If you guys could have mixes sent by Saturday/Sunday, that would be great!

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This mix is definitely not my cup of truffle butter, so don't take my review harshly.


“My Plague” –Slipknot (4 mins)

-Eh....Lyrics are different. This is hard and would probably go well with stimulants. Or nostalgia. Or it would never go well. One of the three.


“xix” -Slipknot (3 mins)
-Not much to say about this one. Same artist, I like it less than the last one.


“Green Valley” – Tool  (4 mins)
-Dull imo. If I wanted to cry and than feel a little better I'd listen to NSync or revisit my ex's essay of a birthday card.


“Hell” –Disturbed (4 mins)
-I like this song more than I dislike it. For someone with no nostalgic ties to any artist or song in this playlist, this song is significantly better due to it being upbeat and more casual-friendly.



“505” –Arctic Monkeys (4 mins)

-This achieves what the first half of Green Valley should have been like, and is about par with the last song in terms of playability.



“First” –Cold War Kids (3 mins)
-Not on the level of the last two songs, and quite generic. Although there's not too much to dislike about it. Just needs to be more distinct. Like Camila Cabello distinct.




“Drones” –Muse (3 mins)

-I don't know what to feel.

Play this:

Report back to me on how you feel, tone it down a bit, and there's my review for this song.




“The Penalty” –Beirut (6 mins)

-Where in the world did you find this.
Guy can play guitar/ukelele or whatever phallus-like instrument he was playing, but aside from that, this is just bad.
I can't see myself into this even if I was into this genre.
I would use this song on repeat as punishment for my children.
This song could be the cause of a genocide.


“Saint Joe on the School Bus” -Marcy Playground (3:15)

-It's on Emimusic's youtube channel so I guess it's got some history to it or something.
It's a decent song that I didn't enjoy a lot, but may consider giving a rewatch.
The best part of this song is the kid who defecates his pants at the sight of a dog.


“Home” –Radical Face

-This song was a step-away from being a mainstream hit.
Decent all around.
Piano is spot on.
Nothing too great or new though.


I'll guess Salmonberries

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