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RGMG - Ultimate fantasy hockey experience.

Patrick Kane

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I would like to share with you guys what RGMG is all about.


First, I'd like to give a huge shout out to EVERYONE who has helped with suggestions, reporting bugs, helping with edits, and RUNNING the league.


There are too many to list, but I have to mention @Kazmanian Devil @Baer. @Tigs and @Caboose / @Ilya Kovalchuk. for inspiring me to start all of this.


RGMG The Sim:

This league is ran by @Kazmanian Devil, through EHM.



EHM is arguably the best hockey simulator on the market, and I wanted a way to USE it for a 30 team simulation league.


After some thinking, and using the EHM exports, this is some of that stuff we were able to produce.


Boxscores / Standings:

Kaz would sim several days worth, and take screenshots of the boxscores. He uses a software called CloudShot that lets him take a screenshot, and it immediately uploads the image, and provides him a URL. At the end of the sim set, he will post the standings as well.


Here is an example:



Player Statistics:

After this, Kaz exports the current seasons stats, which is stored as .CSV file. It contains the stats for both forwards and goalies for the regular season and playoffs.


I built an upload/import tool, that allows him to upload the CSV file, and then it will update the stats to the current day.





This slick interface is great, as it has a live search on the top right, and you can switch between seasons, and even look at all-time stats, combining every season that's been completed. (Currently on Season 4)





All rules and regulations are kept on Wiki that was created, and contributed by several of the GMs:






We are in the process of migrating our Wiki to "DocuWiki" a more visually appealing Wiki that is mobile friendly. It has been implemented for the Pool.


League Overview:


First you will be shown a overview of the league.



All teams listed on this page.
Can click the team name to view roster, or use the drop down.
Search bar on the top right to search for a player.
Information shown: Team, GM Name, Cap Hit, Cap Space, LTIR, Retained, Avg Age, Forwards, Defensemen, Goaltenders, Total Players


Mobile friendly. Some columns are stripped out, but the important ones are there.




Cap Sheets:




Displays total active roster count
Full roster listed, organized by forwards, defense, goaltenders, minors and players on the injury reserve.
Nationality, name, position, age, cap hit, clause, years and free agent type.
Team drop down on the top to browse through other rosters.
Search tool to find a player.
Right sidebar including team logo, GM name, cap hit, cap space, injured reserve, average age, captain, alternates, and draft picks.


Also mobile friendly! Extremely smooth and easy to use on your phone. Some information stripped out, but the essentials are there.



Player Search:

Self explanatory, great for finding out what team a player you want is on, and some of his information.



Career Statistics:

Once viewing a teams cap sheet, you can click on the players name and view his career statistics since the start of the league.






Trade Log:

After a trade has been inputted (we have a tool that automatically updates the sheet, we just copy and paste the trade in!) - it is automatically logged here. It was just released a few days ago.





RGMG The Pool:



The pool is a fantasy hockey league based on real life. A 34 round draft was conducted. The league is run by @Baer..


Most of the features are present in the pool, except for sim exclusive ones (stats, career statistics).


Minor differences include 'Clauses' in the cap sheet (NTC/NMC) and DocuWiki, the mobile friendly Wiki:





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19 minutes ago, BM24 said:

Leagues that still use google docs for cap sheets :unsure:


leagues that use INDIVIDUAL Google doc spreadsheets for cap sheets :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: u know who u are



Leagues that use fantrax :lol::lol:

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