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Mafia - ROME (Sign ups OPEN - pls PIN!)


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Civil war has erupted in the heart of the Empire!

Gaius Julius Caesar has crossed the Rubicon. The senate, lead by Pompey Magnus, has ordered Caesar to disband his army and return home... disband his army, he did not, but return to Rome he would...


As the citizens, plebs and slaves go about their daily business, 2 warring factions fight for control of the greatest Empire the world had ever seen to date. Choose a side, but choose wisely, for those who are defeated will not live another day.



Yes, this is a "Dral Game", however, there will be no major surprises... the details of the game are as follows:


There will be 2 mafia teams lead by Caesar and Pompey, every one else is factionless. Those who are not grouped with Caesar or Pompey will win the game when 1 mafia team is eliminated - the Town does not care who wins political power, only that order is restored within the empire and the war ends.


Caesar or Pompey will only win when they have eliminated the other team.  Each mafia team will begin with 3 to 5 players depending on the number of people who sign up to play.


There will be no Town specials - however, every round each player who is still considered factionless at the end of the nightfall, has a chance to win a Pandora's Box, which grants a one time use special ability. If that player joins either the Caesar or Pompey faction after gaining a Box, it may or may not be lost.





Sign up List:

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Rules of the Game:

-Hacking my email is not allowed... that is all

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46 minutes ago, Dral said:


Rules of the Game:


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-Hacking my email is not allowed... that is all



Hmm, nevr thought of that. Thanks for the idea!

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