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[Rumour] Trouba Wants Out


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32 minutes ago, The Big Luongo said:

Hopefully Benning is trying to make Trouba a Canuck he's exactly what we need!


I'd trade our 1st rounder next season, Edler and a prospect if need be for Trouba.


I think the Canucks are going to surprise a lot of people and make the playoffs but I bet other teams think our 1st rounder will be top 5 so that pick and Edler would look very intriguing to potential trade partners.


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1 hour ago, Pears said:


Phoenix makes a lot of sense as a destination for Trouba.


Phoenix has the assets to make the move (from a prospect perspective), they have a need on defense, and they're clearly building one of hockey's next powerhouses. (I suspect by 2020, Phoenix -- if they're still in the desert -- will be a force to be reckoned with ala Tampa Bay).


I could see a deal being Michael Stone or Connor Murphy + B Prospect for Trouba. The Jets likely want a lateral trade and moving one of Murphy or Stone makes the most sense... especially considering that they have Chychurn in the pipeline. I would suspect that the Coyotes would rather depart with Stone to get Trouba but would most likely have to surrender Murphy in order to make the deal work. (It also helps, from a Jets perspective, that Murphy has a long term deal in place so they wouldn't have to worry about a repeat of the Trouba affair in a year or two with him).


I'd love to see Trouba in a Canucks uniform but I really don't feel like the Canucks have the assets to pull off the move unless they're willing to depart with Edler and a first. And I can't see that happening right now.



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