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Things that annoy you.

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23 minutes ago, GLASSJAW said:

good one


my biggest pet peeve of all is when I'm walking through a store, or a narrow walk way, and some person is standing in the middle of it so nobody can get by. or when they walk slowly and congest a narrow walk way, not realizing that others exist too.


or when a small group of people walk sidebysidebyside along a sidewalk and expect you, the lone person walking in their direction, to get off the sidewalk and walk on the grass/dirt. 


also: i have an immediate hatred for any dude who refers to himself or anyone else as an 'alpha' (or 'beta') and so on.


i am very irritable 

Very good.  Slow walking route blockers.


and alphas need not be identified.  It's obvious.

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11 minutes ago, GLASSJAW said:




I airport a lot.  This is a big deal.  I avoid the escalators and even those human conveyor belts.  I happily take the stairs.  


Which brings me to:


overpackers.  People who carry on way too much $&!# and hold me up while they cram and un-cram the $&!# they don't need into the overhead compartments.  Basically, ignorant flyers.


hearing every in flight announcement reiterated in French.  We don't need your language.


imvaders of personal space


close talkers


mouth breathers

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-When someone tells me what the hell to do

-This happened a lot when I was in high school: distant friends talking to me for the first time in awhile only to ask me to lend some money to them

-Girls laughing out loud and acting dumb, especially in places where there's a lot of people. I'm talking about the attention types.

-Being interrupted

-When someone clearly hears you but pretends that they didn't

-When someone gives you a death stare in the bus/skytrain for simply looking at them for a split second while your mind was completely unaware.

-When people use the windows/glass as a mirror in the skytrain. It appears that they are looking at you, but really, they are looking at their reflection. It bugs me a lot, you really can't tell.

-people that speak loud in quiet places

-people laughing out loud right behind you. Makes me think they're laughing at me lol

-keyboard warriors 

-When you get the feeling someone is lying. Or when you know a person is lying but you just follow along. It's super annoying to even listen to the bs cause you know it's not true

-people that talk too much

-ill-advised people


a lot more

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Top 40 Music and 90 minute radio loops


Commercial free radio now with more commercials


Slow moving people, up to and not including jagoffs doing 30 in a 50 zone, people who race out in front of you to do 30 in a 50 zone; people who dawdle and weave in front of you in the supermarket or mall and those annoying buggers who get offended at a farmers market for stopping randomly after cutting you off and you bump in to them


Grown ass people without kids who dress their pets or put them in buggies or child seats/strollers


White people who demand the right to be offended for people of colour


Men who demand the right to be the vaginas white night of feminism




EVERY Fantastic 4 movie (except that messed up 1994 one) because wow..thanks for screwing up the real Infinity War


Sony owning the rights to the X Men (for the same reason)


Every reboot and remake or lack of original idea coming out of hollywood lately.


Other people's children



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My obviously thrilled to be on welfare neighbours who are all having a wonderful time celebrating how they paid their bills and STILL bought beer and cannot wait to meet Jonny at the soup kitchen tomorrow


People who whine about a situation instead of fixing it


Most people under 25 right now who think life is hard (seriously, get back to us when you learn to blow a nintendo cartridge clean)


Organized religion


Air Miles or lack there of for redemption


People who gloss over information to attack a single talking point






Anyone who uses the term fur babies


The host of BB Canada


People who blame the government for a lack of jobs or losing their jobs


People who are physically able yet use mobility scooters


Almost all of my clients lately.

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