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Thief in Goalie Gear Robs Canadian Beer Store

Ossi Vaananen

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Doesn't get more Canadian than this. 




Article: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/thief-in-goalie-gear-robs-canadian-beer-store-video-193058804.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter



A man wearing hockey goaltending equipment broke into a Russell, Manitoba convenience store and stole three cases of Budweiser.

According to the Winnipeg Free Press, the thief and an accomplice threw a rock through the store’s glass door before breaking in to take the brew.

“It was different,” RCMP Cpl. Brett Church told the Free Press. “I’ve never seen that before. Very bizarre.”

He later added, “He was wearing everything but a (goalie) mask.” The man reportedly had a tuque pulled over his head. A video of the Aug. 15 theft is above. Another similar robbery reportedly happened a day earlier.


The manager of the store seemed to find humor in the heist, according to the Free Press.


Jean Betke manager of the convenience store, told the Free Press the vendor was broken into the previous night. Early Sunday, a suspect threw a rock through the exit door, rushed in and grabbed two cases of beer.


Early Monday morning, the rock went through the entrance door — and the bandits made off with three cases.


“Budweiser,” Betke said.


Betke said she provided the RCMP with surveillance video without seeing it first. She learned it was a hockey-themed heist when she read the RCMP report published Tuesday in the Russell Banner.


“I just laughed out loud,” she said.


The robbery captured the attention of former NHL defenseman Cale Hulse, who tweeted out a photo of a newspaper story about the heist.

According to Global News, the RCMP sent out a release also poking fun at the robbery.

“He may have been a defenceman or forward in disguise as he was wearing jersey number 17 – a non-traditional number for goalies,” the RCMP said.

The RCMP also tweeted out their tip hotline with the video.

“#17 in your program but #1 on the Russell #rcmpmb wanted list. Call 204-773-3051 with information,” they said.

Global says that no arrests have been made and the damage of the robberies equated to about $2,500.


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5 minutes ago, Ossi Vaananen said:

Except for the fact he stole Budweiser.  Needs a moose driving a get-away skidoo although maybe he did have one and it was out back off camera.

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Just now, Tre Mac said:

Except for the fact he stole Budweiser.  Needs a moose driving a get-away skidoo although maybe he did have one and it was out back off camera.

Ya, that detail kind of sucks. Seems so pointless to dress up as a goalie to break in and steal beer. I just cracked up at the very premise. 


If I were to steal beer, I'd make it worthwhile. Stella or Innis + Gunn.

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We were doing a proper tourist-y tour of Chicago a couple of years back.


The guide told us a story about how the City's engineers reversed the flow of the river early in the last century. I don't get how they did it, but essentially they wanted the dirty water going towards St. Louis rather than coming at them.


I guess St. Louis was pretty pissed about this and threatened a bunch of lawsuits, etc... the guide said they got them back a different way and even worse way. They turned the water into beer, called it Budweiser and sold it back to them.

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