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[MAFIA] - NO FRILLS (The TOWN Wins!!!)


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3 minutes ago, Stamkos said:

I still don't completely know everyone's scum tells, but in my experience, Aladeen is usually TP when he goes crazy. Beluga whale is not playing like a TP would normally play as. BW was aggressive/excited from the start but in the Neopolitan game, BW was calm and cool and TP. Could the early aggressiveness be a Mafia tell?

Even though I either have no opinion or disagree with basically everything in here, this reads pretty towny to me.


Either that, or Aladeen is town and Stamkos is fishing for town cred...but he's probably not experienced enough to think of something like that?

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1 minute ago, Beluga Whale said:

If you're town right now you're derailing the thread by making this about us. I'm not getting lynched in round 1 so we need to move on.

We will see, but I'm fine with you being lynched next round... So it's not about us at all and I'm sure we will have a few giggles about it all in DPS together shematey.

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Toews       ( 1 ) - Fwy
Fwy           ( 1 ) - Toews
Zfetch        ( 1 ) - Kaz
Aladeen     ( 4 ) - TL, BW, Zfetch, Aladeen


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