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Movies About Rock or Pop Music


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This could include movies or documentaries about Rock Music such as the Decline of Western Civilization series on Punk and Heavy Metal, or Movies that have Rock music as their theme such as Almost Famous, Still Crazy, or Spinal Tap, or Performances such as Rock operas like Tommy, Quadraphenia, Jesus Christ Superstar. Even something like Sid and Nancy. - guitar ringtones

I'm going to list 10 that I like in no particular order to get the discussion moving.

1) Still Crazy
2) Almost Famous
3) Hard Days Night
4) The Beatles Anthology
5) Quadraphenia
6) The McCartney Years (three different concert films that span a large part of Mcartney's solo career) 

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7) The Wall (Pink Floyd) The David Parker Movie
8) The Rutles
9) Gimme Shelter
10) Sid and Nancy

This is just to get the ball rolling. This topic would benefit from a lot of discussion.

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the NFB (Canada's National Film Board) released a pretty good documentary forever ago about Leonard Cohen - called, creatively, "Ladies and Gentlemen... Mr Leonard Cohen" - a must watch if you're a Cohen fan.


DA Pennebaker's documentary on Bob Dylan called "Don't Look Back" is fantastic (far better than Scorsese's, IMO). The greatest 'rock' doc of all time, I think.


"Cracked Actor" (small doc on Bowie) was decent. 


the 2014 documentary on Nick Cave called "20,000 Days on Earth" is interesting and revealing - although Cave is such a pompous showman that it may only appeal to fans. If you're a fan of Cave's, you may also be interested in the fictional feature film "The Proposition" which is a very solid western - Cave wrote the script. Not a rock movie at all, just written by a rock star.


Beats, Rhymes, Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest is a solid documentary about the best rap group of all time (IMO). 


As for feature films about music, music lovers, or musicians that I think are worthwhile:

- Whiplash: great movie about a jazz prodigy

- Walk the Line: Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash

- High Fidelity: rom com about a record store owner

- Low Down: bleak drama starring the underrated John Hawkes as a heroin addict jazz player

- Control: a pretty good movie about Ian Curtis of Joy Division. 


There's also the HBO show Vinyl, which is about the 70s in music from a business perspective.


Then stuff like Amadeus, Immortal Beloved, Les Choristes, Shine, etc. if you are more interested in classical composition.

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Heavy Parking Lot 


17minute doc filmed in the 80's in the states before a Judas Priest concert.  Amazing.


the 2006 release has the filmmakers follow up by tracking down one of the more notable concert goers.


stereotypes maintained in this film.


Woodstock: the original film is one of my favs


funny enough I watched a bit of a Michel Jackson movie this morning but it kinda creeped me out.

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^ You beat me to it. This movie is great, and Ralph Bakshi is a legend all of his own. Great animator. He gave life to Robert Crumb`s Fritz the Cat (Also worth seeing) and the original animated Lord of the Rings.


Heretic, you might as well mention Heavy Metal 2000 as well.


I`m going to throw in 8 Mile, and most Disney animated films, especially Aladdin.


And you can all skip Koyaanisqatsi. Just awful.


Where does discussion fit in?

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Anything by Sam Dunn, who's from Victoria, BC. Probably my favourite music documentary is called "Metal Evolution". Global Metal is really good too.


For some laughs, I liked: "School of Rock" and "The Rocker". Pretty funny stuff. Of course, "Spinal Tap" is a classic too.



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