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Will the Canucks make the playoffs  

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I don't think last year's record for the Canucks is an accurate barometer of where the Canucks are. They suffered a lot of major long-term injuries, and the rookies had to step in and do the best they could. They had Weber and Biega trying to hold the fort, Horvat being forced into the 2C job, Virtanen, Etem and Baertschi trying to prove themselves and being relied on to score. 


I think this year's team will be much better, with a full year of Eriksson, Sutter, Gudbranson and Tryamkin. Maybe Rodin and Larsen will work out well. Of course, if the injury bug hits again, they may not make it. All depends on injuries IMO.

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The thing is, making the playoffs is so dependent on the other teams in your division with the way it's set up now. Most Canuck fans don't have super in depth knowledge on the roster change, farm systems, etc. of every team in our division as ingrained in our head as we do for the Canucks, so any opinion we take will be skewed because we know more about the Canucks.



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15 minutes ago, CanuckleHorse said:

I think the pretend fans/haters who use this site because they are addicted to their hate will say no also a few that don't follow the team that closely will agree with them but the hardcore fans will say yes for sure.

I know for a fact that a lot of hardcore fans really, really want the Canucks to make the playoffs but don't think they have enough to make it after they compare the Canucks with the other teams in the Division. So you're wrong.

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