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Lawrence Taylor Arrested For Drunk Driving And Sideswiping A Cop Car


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13 hours ago, Dazzle said:

It's not that people don't know DUIs are bad. They just do it anyway because they don't care enough about what their actions do to others. It's real unfortunate.

It's often deeper than that.  Many are reckless because....they don't care enough about themselves to care about what their actions do. 


That's often at the root of things.   So people who lash out are often just sending a cry for help.  For LT (he was my favourite player in the NFL), it went unchecked for so long it seems.


He was a force out there...that Giants' team from the mid-late eighties was full of talent.  So sad when this is the road that some take....such a waste. 


Hope he finally gets the help he needs....


We've had discussions on here about people using cocaine "responsibly" and why it isn't a problem (yet) for them.  LT's a perfect example of how big a problem it can become.  It's no secret that it can consume and alter people's lives.  Good judgement and reasoning can go out the window when drugs take hold of a person.



Taylor spoke openly of his struggles with cocaine addiction in his 2004 autobiography "LT: Over the Edge."


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On 9/3/2016 at 10:40 AM, Ghostsof1915 said:


Someone that intense on the field. You know there will difficulties adjusting to a normal life off the field. 

Yeah it's tough to see that a guy who dominated and revolutionized NFL defenses has had such an out of control spiral towards hell in life after football. As a die hard Giants fan i keep hoping he can turn it around but it doesn't look like it, just hope he doesn't end up killing someone.

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