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[MAFIA] - NO FRILLS II (Mafia Wins!!!)


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31 minutes ago, Jackals and Arabs said:


You guys seem pretty cool. I sell illicit memes just like this one on Saturdays between five and six in the parking lot by 550 Cambie. Come by if you need a dank fix.

You should join a game

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Final Vote Count - Round 1


AV          ( 1 ) - Fwy
Zfetch    ( 3 ) - Stam, Falcon, Numb
Stam      ( 3 ) -  BJ, Zfetch, AV




The Town has failed to come to a lynch consensus.
Zfetch and Stamkos are tied in votes.

There will be two lynches in round 2.
There will be a vote between Zfetch and Stamkos first.
That lynch will be designated Vote 1

The regular round 2 lynch will be designated Vote 2


The Mafia has killed AV



7. Alain Vigneault - Vanilla Town


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