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[MAFIA] - NO FRILLS II (Mafia Wins!!!)


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Final Vote Count - Round 2


Vote 1:

Zfetch    ( 2 ) - Stam, TL
Stam      ( 4 ) - BJ, Falcon, Fwy, Zfetch


Vote 2:

Fwy        ( 3 ) - Stam, Zfetch, Falcon
Numb     ( 1 ) - Fwy
Falcon    ( 3 ) - BJ, Numb, TL



The Town has resolved the tied vote of the first round and have lynched Stamkos.


The Town has failed to come to a lynch consensus for the second round.
Fwy and Falcon are tied in votes. There will be two lynches in round 3.
There will be a vote between Fwy and Falcon first.
That lynch will be designated as Vote 1
The regular round 3 lynch will be designated as Vote 2


The Mafia have killed BJ



6. Stamkos - Lynched - Vanilla Town
2. Blue Jay 22 - MK - Vanilla Town
7. Alain Vigneault -  MK - Vanilla Town


Remaining Players


1. Zfetch
3. Time Lord
4. numb3r 16
5. fwybwed
8. falcon45ca


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1 minute ago, Zfetch said:

BJ unvoted before nightfall?


No he did not!

BJ should not have posted in the game thread!

He should have PM'd me or noted it in the DPS.

Either way, he is wrong and he did not unvote.

I have mentioned him in the DPS.

Nightfall, as I have recorded it, is accurate.

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