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2016/17 NHL Season Cancelled - Satire News


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Not sure if you guys are into this kinda stuff but this article at www.BreakingCanadianNews.com gave me a good laugh at Bettmans NHL 

Some of their other stuff is pretty funny too



2016-17 NHL Season Cancelled Due to Global Warming


September 2, 2016






Last year in the 2015-16 season, the National Hockey League reported their year end revenue had reached a new record high 3.98 Billion dollars. It's an astounding accomplishment when you consider that in 2005, their revenue came in at 2.27 Billion which means that over the past 10 years, there's been an impressing 42% growth in the league. Tremendous success no?

No. In the 2015-16 season of that 3.98 Billion dollars, 1.5 billion of it went importing Canadian snow to build ice rinks and another 1.5 billion, to air conditioning to keep the ice frozen.

When you take a moment to consider a few of the facts. Under the current tenure of NHL Commissionaire Gary Bettmans, there are now 8 teams spread through the southern United States, just a mere snowballs throw above the equator. An exaggeration one might say? Yes it's an exaggeration. If you threw a snowball from a sunny hockey rink in Arizona or Florida, it would melt the moment if left that air conditioned building, leaving it no chance to even reach the equator.

The NHL's cancellation of the 2016/2017 season has left fans across North America seething and sparked rioting in Vancouver. The NHL is currently reviewing all available options included a mass relocation of the league to Canada, or a more favourable option of conversion to roller hockey.

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They should just wait until a big chunk of ice breaks off in the Arctic and float it down to the states, then keep it anchored there. We lose way way too many good Canadians in those snow gathering expeditions. This way Global warming can actually help.   

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