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Bob Dailey - classless snub by organization


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I sometimes wonder if this organization forgets that it existed prior to the Aquilinis' involvement.


One of the best defensemen to ever play for the Canucks, Bob Dailey, passed away.  And yet nary a mention on the Canucks' website.  No video tribute online.  No sorrowful press release.  Nothing.  Dailey played 257 regular season games for the Canucks in the 1970's, more than Demitra, Rypien and Bourdon combined.  I certainly mean no disrespect to Demitra, Rypien and Bourdon - they absolutely deserved all the tributes they got (and more) - however, Dailey meant more to this franchise during his time here than those three did, in all honesty.


After being picked 9th overall by the Canucks in the '73 draft, Dailey averaged an astounding 0.51 points per game with the 'nucks over his 257 games.  That's seventh all time among defensemen who played 200+ games for the team, behind Tallon, Guevremont, McCarthy, Lumme, Lanz and Jovocop.  Had the Canucks not royally screwed up by trading Dailey when they did, Bob "Count" Dailey likely would have been one of the, if not the best defenseman ever to play in Vancouver.


The lack of class and judgment that this organization sometimes shows confounds me.


RIP Bob Dailey.  Some of us WILL NEVER FORGET you and all you did for this city.


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