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The San Jose Sharks unveil their own craft beer


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I haven't seen anything like this posted yet so I figured I'd throw it out there. Through a partnership with a San Jose-based brewing company the Sharks have come up with their own beer, which they've aptly named Chum. Molson is a big sponsor many many NHL teams but this is something different, something I'd love to see more teams follow suit with. As far as I know, and I could be wrong, the Canucks don't have their own beer and I'd love it if they did. Hell, I'd be interested in sampling this one. ::D


I don't really do the topic thing much so here's a few links?






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1 hour ago, Apple Juice said:

Doesn't matter what they bring in or change, it won't help the team on the ice. First a new goal song voting contest, then a new logo (which looks incredible btw), and now their own craft beer.

Anything to distract the fans from thinking about how all the old farts on the team will come back from the shortest summer of their careers is probably a good thing for ticket sales.

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17 hours ago, Drewismyname said:

This is why Canucks fans have a bad rep. No cup after three finals and call other teams chokers. I'm glad school is back and some of these stooges will be gone.

Hard to respect a team with clowns like Thornton.  Absolutely zero class and such an easy guy to hate.

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The NHL should start there own micro brewery. Each teams city will have there own label and own name of beer (under some sort of NHL beer banner )

Discounts would go to seasons ticket holders.  

Contests would be held in each city to name their own teams beer.

So I propose someone start a thread to name the Canucks beer.



Oh. And profits would go to each teams respective charity.




Or Gary Bettmans retirement fund. 

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8 hours ago, hlinkas wrister said:

Fun fact- sharks do not "pi&&", they secrete urea through their skin, hence why the meat tastes like ammonia and their uniforms turn green. 

I did not know that. Cool beans. I guess the Sharks beer will taste like urea skin secretions. Yummy!

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