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[Report] Johnny Gaudreau seeking $8M annually on new deal with Flames

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The gap between what the Calgary Flames are offering Johnny Gaudreau and what the restricted free agent is seeking on his new deal is significant.


The two sides, who reportedly won't be talking while Gaudreau plays at the World Cup, are believed to be approximately $1.5 million apart in terms of average annual valuation, according to Eric Francis of the Calgary Sun, who writes:

Sources say Gaudreau’s agent, Lewis Gross, is asking for a payday in the $8-million range while the Flames are pushing to pay between what Sean Monahan signed for ($6.375 million annual average value) and what captain Mark Giordano makes (a team-high $6.75 million AAV).


The 23-year-old has quickly emerged as the new face of the Flames, leading the team in scoring in each of his first two seasons and finishing 2015-16 in a tie for the fifth-highest point total in the NHL.


That he's only played 160 games and is a restricted free agent limits his leverage, however, and the argument can be made - and is likely being made by Calgary - that a big-time payday coming out of an entry-level deal isn't prudent.


Still, Gaudreau's production warrants a deal comparable to his peers, and he is an important piece for a Flames team that has the look of an up-and-comer in the Western Conference, meaning a deal is still likely to get done before the puck drops on the regular season.


But there's still a considerable amount of work to be done, it would seem.


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That's fair on Gaudreau's part to ask for. Will probably end up agreeing to something lower in the $7M-$7.5M range.


I'd be kinda mad if I was Monahan but it is what it is. Pay him or else someone else will. Hockey's always been like this, just the nature of the game. And for Calgary's sake, they best pay the damn talented youngster. He's the real deal, for sure stud.

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18 minutes ago, oldnews said:

Gaudreau is no more valuable than either of those team-mates - and has played two whole NHL seasons.

He should come in at a similar cap hit to his captain and Monahan - both of whom are far more complete players than he is.

It really matters what term the team wants too though, it doesn't say in the article but if they are wanting to sign him long term 6-8 years, well it eats up prime UFA years for him.


He's 23, so say the flames want him to sign for the full 8 years, that takes him to 31 and hockey players peak from around 27-32. So basically the Flames are taking away his max earning years, they are buying out his UFA status - this is probably the issue.

Sure he gets 8 years at 6 mil and that's alot of money and alot of security, but think about it from his perspective if he's confident in his ability to not only play as well as he is now but improve? As the cap goes up, so do salaries and so if he was a ufa at say 27 and his points keep improving, with a cap moving higher, the kid could get paid 8-10 mil as a UFA by then easily for those next SEVEN years (max you can sign as a UFA).


So there's probably more to it and yes its give and take but my guess is that's the issue. He probably would take Monohan money but for 4 years and the Flames probably don't want that because they know what he's going to command at 28 years old and its alot more than that!

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