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(Poll) What in life is most important to you?

Tre Mac

Pick what's most important to you  

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Happiness.  I voted this for two reasons:


1) Without it, all the other things are useless.  Ie: What's the point of good health and money if it doesn't make you happy?


2) I suffer from depression.  As such, happiness is the one thing that has and will continue to elude me for my entire life.  I fully understand what it is like to live without it, and even though I have the majority of the other things on the list in spades, I really barely care about those things. 

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2 hours ago, Apricot said:

What I chose is, Happiness. Anything big or small can make you happy, and anything big or small can make you sad. But I'm not just talking about small happiness, like getting money for your birthday. Or seeing your favorite musical artist live, or eating your favorite food. Happiness is what YOU want it to be, what YOU define it to be. You can have love, but still not be happy. Or be the healthiest person in the world, but still not be happy. Same with power and wealth. Happiness comes within you as a person. Sure you yourself can be happy with love, or health, or power, or wealth. Or hell, even all those things! But you can also be happy without any of those things. You can make yourself happy, in any way you want. What's life without happiness anyways. I'd rather have no wealth, no power, no love, not the best health, but have happiness. Than have wealth, power, love and the best health in the world , but no happiness. 


^Again, does that make sense to anyone at all?

Makes perfect sense, and I'll add to that:  Happiness is being who you want to be.

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2 hours ago, Mainly Mattias said:

I think Knowledge is missing from the list.

Mind you, I still wouldn't pick it. I'd second smithers joe: family and health for family. also not on the list. haha

Faith is also missing. A lot of people would probably cite religion as their reason to be.


& Pasta :^)


Where would we be without it?

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14 minutes ago, Jägermeister said:

As others have said, any other choice but Happiness makes no sense.

What's the point of Wealth, Love, Power, or Health if you aren't happy?

Plus for me, happiness would be having Wealth, Love, Power and Health.  So really choosing Happiness is an all-encompassing choice.


It's not an either or question. The OP never stated if you were healthy you couldn't also have love, have money etc.

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