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Career AVG Soring Predictions for 16-17


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What if all the Canucks hit their career avg for scoring over 82 games this year? What kind of output can we expect? Is that even an accurate measurement?


H Sedin: 15G 53A       68 Points

D Sedin: 25G 42A       67 Points

L Eriksson: 24G 33A  57 Points

A Burrows: 20G 19A  39 Points

A Edler: 10G 27A        37 Points

B Horvat: 16G 20A      36 Points

S Baertschi: 15G 20A 35 Points

J Hansen: 15G 19A     34 Points

B Sutter: 16G 14A       30 Points

B Hutton: 1G 26A        27 Points

M Granlund: 13G 12A 25 Points

E Etem: 11G 12A         23 Points

P Larsen: 5G 15A        20 Points

J Virtanen: 10G 9A      19 Points

D Dorsett: 7G 12A       19 Points

C Tanev: 4G 14A          18 Points

L Sbisa: 3G 13A           16 Points

N Tryamkin: 6G 6A      12 Points

E Gudbranson: 3G 9A 12 Points


Out of all of these the only ones that stand out as unlikely benchmarks are Burrows and Edler. Hard to believe they have both average over 35 points a season if they played all 82 games for their whole NHL careers.


There are 19 skaters here, 12 forwards and 7 Dmen. Obviously most guys won't play all 82, but it's interesting to see what the literal benchmark for their career would suggest is a good watermark for production.


Does this seem accurate? Who projects better or worse? 


This also predicts 218 Goals this year. Pretty fair estimate with the exception of a few extras from Burr. Could be made up by Eriksson though.


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Swap Burr's avg for Bo's and vice versa and take a few points off of each and you're right in the ball park! I also think Erickson is guaranteed over 30 with the twins if he's with them all season so that may offset the prior comment. Granland and Etem may be a bit aggressive as well.


Wild cards to me are:


1. Can Larsen make an impact on the PP (and stick of course). If so that should help our top lines numbers


2. Does Juolevi stick and if so same as Larsen - if he does it will mean the kid is really something offensively


3. I would hope Sutter can exceed those numbers with 2nd line ice time. His average is based on playing behind to big minute centers in 87 and Malkin!

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Someone said it, but yeah I expect Burrows to be down in the 10-15G, 10-15A range, and maybe Horvat or Baer to get close to 20G, 35-40 points.


I'd like to see Virtanen make a small step toward being a top 6 guy and get in the 30 point range. I think 10-12G, and 15-20 A isn't far-fetched.


I think the biggest dropper between their career AVG and their actual production this season will be Edler. I doubt Edler gets more than 25 points this season.


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I dunno. Assuming Edler stays healthy, he's still our best option on the PP, and with Eriksson on the team, I think he's likely to se a .5 ppg season. It's hard to imagine Burrows having as bad a start to the season as last year as well, so his points per game will likely improve over last season, but ya, not likely to hit his average.

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