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Looking back to the future (Discussion)


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I wonder what we will think of the past 3  seasons 2 years from now?


Will have made the playoffs and fizzled or did we have a short run?

Will we be disgruntled with entertainment value and the on ice product?

Will the team be too young and too old ?

Will or adding defensive size translate into a safer environment for out forwards?

Will our young players have been put into action too early and have had their development stunted?

Will we have wished we had started our rebuild?

Will have regretted not moving our expiring contracts before they walked away?


I find it so easy to comment on these thing in the present context, but so much will depend on Bennings actions over the next 2 years that it is impossible to say whether we fall to absolute bottom or toil in mediocrity.


At best, we raise to the middle, achieving Top 15 OA  Draft picks, over the next 2 years and slowly fall towards the bottom, as the league gets younger and our first line ages yet another 2 years. Looking back in 2 years, will we think that our climb into the bubble was worth it? Did it prepare us for the following 10 years. Did we develop our assets in the correct way? Did we obtain our much needed elite 1st line players?


A worst, we remain at the bottom of the league, picking up the remaining dregs of the Top 5 OA picks, searching for the elusive first line center.

The question that haunts me after the past 3 years is, will Benning continue to let veterans walk away on expiring contracts? Will he continue to re-sign aging veterans and let them rot on the vine, gaining no additional assets?


For me, after watching the Challenge Cup exhibitions, and watching our young prospects, it occurs to me and others, that our only representatives that we have playing hockey that are of any value are either aging, or not having been developed as of yet.


To illustrate this, Look at the value of the Assets playing in the Tournament, if they were all translated to an asset value, considering age, longevity, future value....................where would we stack up? It scares me to consider our total asset value in comparison to the rest of the league. 


The thing is, this is what Vegas Odds Makers, and Hockey analysts see that some of us don;t............our teams value has so little on ice value past 2 years from now, in comparison to the rest of the league.


So I again I ask, I wonder how this next 2 years and the decision made will look like in 2 years?


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we've already started our rebuild. they weren't foolish enough to cut all our core players at once. our young guys will have some older players to learn from. doing everything right is a fine balancing job. at least 2 more older players will be gone after this year.

burrows and miller. we'll lose someone in the expansion draft. perhaps sbisa. as trevor says, there are no quick fixes, building takes time. i'm sure they will on the look out for a 1st line center and a scoring winger. and probably a scoring d-man. the rest, we'll just have to wait and see. 

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