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Explosion In Manhattan Injures At Least 29 A Few Hours After Pipe Bomb Explosion In New Jersey


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2 minutes ago, luckylager said:

No-no, you guys are paying. You f@#ked everything up, you pay for the wall.


Simple logic, it's like this-


There a real big hockey rink, we line up most of our players along the center line, but still have a few Dmen and a keeper.


You guys put like 10x as many players out on the opposite side of the ice and instead of playing, you start killing each other. 


We're all traumatized by your teams lack of cohesion, can't leave because we're locked in and cannot leave the ice. We request the officials only work the centerline to protect our side from your insane interteam brawl. The linesman agree, set up a wall and fine you guys for being a bunch of dicks and picking a captain that wants to fight with his own team mates.


We win by forfeit, you pay to build the wall. :)

You definitely have a strange and vivid imagination. :lol:

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1 minute ago, Aircool said:

You guys can provide the lumber, just tear down homes in Detroit, they're empty anyways.

That would be cruel to make the beavers use anything that's been in Detroit for that long.  God only knows what would be in and on the wood.

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Just now, SabreFan1 said:

My guess is homegrown possibly Muslim terrorists who may be ISIS sympathizers, but not actual ISIS members.

I hope the police get them alive, so they can pry loose their tongues - figuratively.  It would be nice to get their friends too.  

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In regards to the earlier St. Paul Minnesota stabbing "spree" it is now being said that the guy was talking about Allah during the attack and asked one of the victims if he was a Muslim before he attacked him.  It's been a busy 24 hours for Muslim extremists if the bombings also turn out to be from them.

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