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Valeri Nichuskin may want out


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Not sure it's a valid source but if true, say's he's already signed a 2-year deal in the KHL to match Ruff's two years remaining on his deal.


And what happens if/when Ruff signs an extension?


Worth a shot I guess. Even if JB thinks he can buy low, I doubt the Stars will give him away.

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Miller (retain %50) + Edler + 5th round pick

Niemi + NIchushkin + 2nd round pick (conditional 1st if stars make WCF)


Canucks get a 1B in Niemi for two years to by Demko sometime in the AHL.  We add a big power forward to our line up.  The biggest problem for the canucks is that leave our top pairing left side week, and could put the kids into positions they might not be ready for, 


Stars upgrade their poor D in edler.  A Klingberg/Edler combo would actually make a decent top pairing.  Stars upgrade their 1B goalie in which they are currently trying to do.  Miller is still good enough to push for a #1 spot as he’s proved in Vancouver, and he’s very familiar with Ruff. The biggest reason the stars like this is Millers cap comes off the books next year (where Niemi’s doesn’t) freeing up needed cap space for the Benn extension.  Stars fill kill two birds with one stone.



Personally I see him and Niemi going to Pits or TB for a package around Bishop or Fleury.

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