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What answers are you most excited for coming out of camp?


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With the Young Guns tourney over with, the WCH in mid tourney, training camp is just around the corner!  I don't think I have ever gone into a Canuck season with so many questions but also with such excitement!  


The 1st line is set but after that it is a crap shoot! 

Does Erikkson remain with the Sedins?

Does Bo take the next step and take the second line center job?

After a highly motivated summer does Jake claim his spot on the roster?

No one is talking Sutter, how good will he look?

Can Rodin walk into camp and bump someone off?

Does Burrows come back and earns spot or do we have to say farewell?

What about Dorset?  

How good will Hutton be this year?

Did we steal one from the Oilers with Larsen?

Does Tryamkin return bigger, stronger, faster?

can Sbiza silence his critics with solid play on s third pairing?


Barring a trade, who will our 8th dman be?

Miller will begin as the starter but how short of a leash before Markstrom takes over?


I will always be a Canuck enthusist and optimist and I think they will be a 100 point team this year, barring major injury problems.


Sedin Sedin Erikkson

Baerschi Horvat Virtanen

Rodin Sutter Hansen

Burrows Granlund Gaunce


Edler Tanev

Hutton Gudbranson

Sbiza Larsen

Tryamkin Stecher



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Baerschi Horvat Virtanen


Can they score enough to relieve pressure off the twins' first line? I think how far the nucks hope to go this season will hinge on this.


Can Burrows still be a top 9 player?

How will Larsen perform on the Power Play?

Will Stetcher make the team?

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For me..


1) Looking forward to seeing exactly who will find a spot on the second line. 


2) Will Tryamkin crack the opening night roster, and if so will he rack up 88 hits by Christmas?


3) Are we going to have a healthier year, particularly with Sutter? 


4) Will Rodin bump someone and make the team and if so which line does he play on? Will Gaunce crack the line up on opening night?


5) Who plays on the bottom pairing line? Will it be Sbisa-Larsen or Tryamkin Larsen? Who takes the 7th and 8th spot? Will Stecher make a huge push for a roster spot? Who will make the biggest push for a roster spot? 


6) Where exactly will Virtanen play?


7) Will Huttons play improve and how much of a confidence boost does he gain by being paired with Gudbranson? 


8) What kind of year will Horvat and Baertschi have? Will Burrows have a turn around year?


9) I know there's a lot of questions but one thing for sure it's going to be a very competitive training camp/pre season and that in itself is exciting. So we shall see how things unfold. 

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Does Eriksson help the Sedins return to the cream of the crop in offensive forwards?

Can Horvat become a second liner and take over Sutter's role?

Will Markstrom dominate enough to become the starter?

Can Baertschi become a top 6 forward?

Do Subban or Stetcher get any NHL games?


We have a lot of questions that will make this year interesting.

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biggest question is  does benning realize youth is better served moving forward  at deadline  i know id rather see rodin, baertchi, gaunce, etem, virtanen, hutton, tryamkin, pedan, markstrom   combined 7.5 mill  salary versus   dorsett, miller, burrows, hansen, sbisa 20 mill of bloated salaries anyday 

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My own questions would be:


Which of Pedan and Biega get waived?

Can Sven improve on his output from last season and reach the 50pt plateau?

How long will it take for Markstrom to steal Miller's cast-iron #1 job?

Will Willie Desjardins last until the end of the season?

Will Manny Malhotra's experience assist us on the PK and faceoffs?

Can the PP rebound?


Subban's performances at Young Stars show he can't play D well enough to make the roster; Juolevi and Stecher have a better shot, and if anyone is going to crack that line-up, it's Stecher. However, that would mean both Pedan AND Biega being waived, which I can't see. The internet screamed so loud at Benning for 'asset management' when he waived Vey and Corrado, I doubt he'd open himself up to similar this year by waiving Pedan after he cost Mallet + 3rd (even though we subsequently re-acquired the pick).

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My biggest question is where the scoring will be coming from?   If we go into the season with Sedin-Sedin-Eriksson as our only consistent scoring threat will be back where we've been since 2011.   Who's going to emerge?


I'm not desperately wishing for a Horvat or Baertschi or Virtanen to be a 30 goals scorer.   What I'd like to see is at least 4-5 guys get 20+ goals.


Our defense is fairly green, so I'm not expecting an air-tight group that's going to shutdown everybody.  Mistakes will be made and I'm hoping we score more goal than we use too to compensate.


Ideally, I'd like to see


Daniel or Eriksson - 30 goals

Daniel or Eriksson - 25 goals

Baert/Horvat/Sutter - 20 goals each

Hank - 15 goals

Virtanen or Etem - 15 goals




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