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MLB star Jose Fernandez dies in a boating accident


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Absolutely terrible news. Wow.


...this guy had loads of talent from the beginning but had a few injury hiccups holding him back. Now that he was finally healthy, man was he ever showing how great he was and he had a long, successful career ahead of him.


Just devastating really. I'm at a loss of words. 

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2 minutes ago, NucksPatsFan said:

Incredibly sad. 


Though I'm not sure why a pitcher the night before a start was on a boat at 3am. 


But regardless, truly heartbreaking. 

The boat was discovered at 3:15 am by the Coast Guard. Who knows how long it had been there before that.



Based on impact evidence and the severity of damage, officials concluded that the boat -- a 32-foot-SeaVee center console model -- hit the rocks at full speed


Drugs and alcohol did not appear to be factors in the accident




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"It does pertain to a friend of Jose who is very well connected with several Marlins players and I have stopped that boat before for safety inspections with other Marlins players on board," Veloz ( Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commissionsaid. "We know that this boat knows the area. We just can't answer why this happened."




Brutal news.

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