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Canucks Opening Roster - Finalized

Ossi Vaananen

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53 minutes ago, HC20.0 said:

Hoping the line ups look something like this:











This would be exactly my line up today!!

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On September 28, 2016 at 9:53 AM, nzan said:

I'll disagree on that.

He's had one season in the A, there is tonnes of time for him to continue developing into an NHL'er.

He'll definitely play games in the NHL (how many are up to him I suppose) and he's got no real trade value yet, so I'll bet he'll play in a Canucks uni.

Well said;)

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5 hours ago, Trebreh said:

It's sad that the lines CDC users are projecting is better than anything Willie D can think of lol 

In my opinion.... I think Willie is more of a defence role of things, rather then an offence role! Even though his defensive mindset is on point! He needs help with with special teams. aswell offensive play roles combination. if Willie stuck with certain line combinations that work and have good chemistry, I think Canucks can be a very good team! Im not to sure if Willie methods of coaching is the same style of the Canucks.... I'm pretty sure Willie can use a lil help in that department. In my opinion;)

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