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[Discussion] Tobias Rieder- Offersheet

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The problem with offer sheets (and the reason they are largely extinct) is the ill will it garners with the other team and GM. They have to ask if Rieder is really worth burning that bridge and being able to trade with that team again.


Frankly with the amount of "old boys club" that happens in the NHL management, I wouldn't be surprised if their were a FEW GMs that would give the cold shoulder to anyone that broke ranks and started offer sheeting. 

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50 minutes ago, billabong said:

rieder projects as a depth scorer like baertschi but you can never have enough young depth talent.


at 2yrs at 2.5m offer sheet will cost us a 2nd pick....go figure eh but that is a fair trade off.



Yup. Also, he's a year younger and has produced the same as sven in about 15-20 games less? 

I was thinking of this too... seems like a good idea IMO. Chances are he'll be better than anyone we'll pick in the 2nd round anyways. 

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