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Welcome to Season 4 of the CDCFL!





pho.png - Drewismyname
bos.png - JE14

buf.png - Mimerez
cgy.png - BM24 
car.png - Monty
chi.png - Bombastik der Teutone

col.png - Caboose [AGM: Gally]
cob.png - winterhawks
70x70_dallas-stars_logo.png - Tony Romo [AGM: Dak Prescott]
det.png - Blue Jay 22

edm.png - theminister [AGM: greensman]

fla.png - Chael P Sonnen
los.png - D-Money

golden-knightsjpg-jpg-size-cus.jpg.1a3a2b64c054833f94570ef9b0af7d19.jpg Nail
min.pngCanuck Surfer
mon.png - Patrick Kane
Nashville_Predators_70.png - lethunder
njd.png - Mike Vanderhoek
nyi.png - oldnews
nyr.png - Sidney Crosby.

phi.png - kj29
pit.png - Tigs
san.png - Jaku
stl.png - inane
tam_nonWhite.1_70x70.png - Tylez [AGM: Mr.Miyagi]
tor.png - Dion Phaneuf
van.png - Primal Optimist
was.png - Squeak
wpg.png - Master Mind [AGM: somethingvery]




Commissioner: @Nail
Trade Tracker: @Master Mind
Player Agent: @Monty




New GMs will likely be hired from the group of AGMs we currently have. If you want to become a GM in the future, I expect that you learn the ropes as an AGM for at least half a year. Other members whom I'm more familiar with in fantasy hockey may bypass this standard.

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Goal/Assist: 4 points

PP Point: +1 point

SH Point: +3 points

OT Point: +3 points

GWG: +3 points

PIM: 1 point per minute

+/- : 1 points per each + rating

Hattrick: +3 Points

SO Winning Goal: +1 Point



Goal/Assist: 5 points

PP Point: +1 point

SH Point: +3 points

OT Point: +3 points

GWG: +3 points

PIM: 1 point per minute

+/- : 1 points per each + rating

Hattrick: +3 points

SO Winning Goal: +1 Point



Win: 10 points

OTL: 5 points

SO: +10 points

Goal: 99 points

Assist: 10 points

PIM = 1 point per minute



Goals scored by the players on your team



The same scoring structure will be used for the playoffs, with two exceptions:


1) Goaltenders will not receive points for OT losses.


2) PIMs will only be worth 0.5 points per minute as opposed to 1.


1) Like the real life NHL, the top 3 teams in each division will make the playoffs, as well as 2 wildcards per conference. We follow the exact same playoff format as the NHL and the same scoring structure from the regular season applies. 


2) In order to keep 15 teams in each conference, we altered the divisions from the ones the NHL uses. Here are our divisions:







1) Teams must consist of a 23 man roster. This roster is made out of: 2 goaltenders, 7 or 8 defensemen, 13 or 14 forwards. Teams are not able to go over these numbers. The bare minimum for a roster is 20 players. 2 goaltenders, 6 defenseman and 12 forwards. Failure to at least match this, will result in the releasing of the GM.

2) The Salary Cap for this league will be 75M. Please keep this in mind while making moves for your team. The cap floor will be 55.4M. Any teams out of these perimeters will be given 24 hours to make themselves cap compliant or they will face consequences. In the offseason, teams may surpass the cap limits by 10%, as long as they are cap compliant when October 1st comes.

3) Teams may name their own minor league teams, as long as they are located in a real city and are family friendly. Minor league teams have a limit of 27 players under contract.


4) Teams may call up or send down players freely assuming no waivers is needed. There will be a 12:00 PM PST cutoff for roster moves every day so make sure you make your moves before then to have them eligible for that nights games! 


5) A skater will be eligible for waivers once they have surpassed 26 years of age, or played in 150 NHL games (roughly 2 seasons). A goaltender will be eligible for waivers once they have surpassed 26 years of age, or played in 80 NHL games. Post trade deadline, waivers will be off. A player called up/sent down must stay on your active roster or minor league team for at least 1 week. If an injury occurs to another player, this rule is void if you want to call up the player that was previously sent down under a week ago. Teams can send players down to the minors, bypassing waivers anytime during the offseason until October 1st.


Come October 1st, any players in the minors that are waiver eligible will automatically be placed on waivers by the league. To avoid losing any players, I highly recommend you call them up beforehand if you feel they are worth keeping.


The waiver list is reset every year on July 1, the reverse order of the previous season standings. When a team makes a successful claim on a player, they will automatically drop to the bottom of the list. Should there be multiple claims on a player, we will revert to this list, and the highest team up on the list will get the player. The waiver list will only reset once per year, on July 1.


6) Teams will be penalized for all players over the age of 26 that are sent down or "buried" in the minors with a caphit exceeding 925K. The team will have to have the players salary still counting towards their cap, minus 925K. For example, if Player A is 27 years old and makes 1M, and was sent to the minors, Player A's team will be charged with a 75K penalty towards their cap. If Player B is 30 years old, makes 6M, and is sent to the minors, their team will be charged with a 5.075M cap penalty. 


If the player in the minors with a cap penalty is called back up to the NHL roster, the cap penalty will go away.


7) If a player is placed on the injured reserve in real life, you may put them on the injured reserve in this game, freeing up cap space in the process. To place a player on the IR, just make a post in the thread with a valid link. To activate a player off the injured reserve, just post as well. If a player is on the injured reserve for your team, but is playing in the NHL, we will notify you in the thread notifying you that you have 48 hours to activate them off of the IR. If you fail to do so, your top player will be suspended for a minimum of 2 games. If the player is still on the IR after these 2 games, your top player will be suspended for a week. If he stays suspended for a week, you will also lose your first round pick.


8) If a player on your team plays a position in real life other than what is suggested on the spreadsheet, you may PM me asking me to change that as long as you have a valid source from any of these websites:

Hockey DB

Any other source, you will have to ask me.


9) Teams have the option to send their players into a "Prospects Section". Here, teams won't lose out on a year of their players contracts (must be a players entry level contract). To be eligible for the Prospects Section, a player must be on their ELC and are not eligible to be recalled at any point in the year (so be careful with who you designate to this section). At the end of the year, when every other player loses a year of their contract, these players will retain the same contract as they had the previous year. There will be a maximum of 3 contract carry overs per team per year. You must announce which 3 players you are designating to apply for this by the first day of the regular season.





1) Teams may make an unlimited amount of trades, but both GMs involved in the trade must PM MasterMind for the trade to go through. Points are not transferred when a player is traded. For example, if Henrik Sedin has 82 Fantasy Points for Vancouver and then is traded to Boston, his fantasy point totals remain on Vancouver. Sedin would start on Boston with 0 fantasy points. Trades are not official until they are posted by me in the thread. All trades are backdated to the day they were submitted to the league and agreed upon by both GMs, so teams will not miss out on any points. Players who are traded must remain at the same league level as they were on their original team at the time of the trade (Active roster to active roster, minors to minors, etc. ) unless they are eligible to be assigned otherwise. Waivers rules apply to players who are subject to waivers before being sent down if teams want to place a player from his original teams active roster in the minors. After the trade deadline, teams may only make trades once they are officially eliminated from post-season contention.


2) Teams may retain up to 50% of a players contract for as many years as they want. In total, teams are allowed to retain parts of 3 players caps and teams are allowed to have 3 players with a retained cap per year. All three of the retained players may not have a retained value of more than 10M.


3) We have a zero tolerance for backing out of deals. If you agree to a trade in any sort of PM (either trade talk PM or official trade call PM), and the idea of the trade is accepted by both GM's, that trade will go through no matter what. If a GM edits the deal, the other GM can invite me to their trade talk conversations and I will let the deal go through. Back out of a deal once, and the deal will go through. Back out of a deal twice, and the deal will go through and you will lose a first round pick. Back out of a deal three times, and you will be fired.


4) Our league honours NTC's and NMC's. To get a player to waive his clause, you must PM Monty to make sure the player will waive to go to his new team. Some players have LNTC's which allow them to control who they want or don't want to go to. If you want a list from one of these players, please ask the player agent.


Most players will not waive their NMCs or NTCs, especially if they just signed their contracts. However, a year after signing their contracts, players will be able to submit three team lists, courtesy of Monty, of teams that they would be willing to waive for. These lists can be requested twice per year, once on July 1st and once on January 1st.


5) Please submit trades to the trade tracker in the following format:


To ANA: Thomas Hickey, Chris Tierney, Derrick Pouliot, Samuel Morin, 2017 3rd (NJD)

To NJD: Shayne Gostisbehere, Troy Brouwer, 2017 1st (ANA)


6) If Team A trades Player X to Team B on January 1, and Team B wants to trade Player X back to Team A while retaining salary in the process, they must wait 1 full calendar year to do so. This is to prevent teams from circumventing the retained salary rule. 





1) All unsigned players not eligible for our next entry draft are considered free agents. To sign these players, PM the player agent. 


Unsigned drafted players or free agents will be able to sign a deal worth maximum 925K, but signing bonuses can bump the AAV of the deals up to at most 3.775M.


2) Starting October 1st, teams can attempt to resign one pending UFA and one pending RFA. However, there is no guarantee that a player will re-up with your organization immediately. If for some reason a player does not want to re-sign at that time, teams can move onto negotiations with another player until they have signed one pending UFA and one pending RFA. Players are not obligated to re-sign unless a specific and beneficial role is offered to them in the organization.


It should be noted that if teams begin negotiations and a mutual contact doesn't come to an agreement, if a player comes back a few months later and their play/production has increased, that teams should expect the player to ask for more money then they did previously. The same would go if their play/production has decreased, the players asking price may drop a little.

Once January 1st comes, teams are now free to resign all of their pending UFA's and all of their pending RFA's. Please keep in mind that some players may not want to resign.

Once October 1st comes again in the next year, this process repeats, but with the next years pending UFA's and RFA's.


There is no such thing as hometown discounts in our league. Each player is expecting to be paid fair market value regardless of how long they have been in their organizations for.


Should a player be lowballed by their organization, they may not sign at all. If it is a pending UFA in question, the player will no longer want to re-sign and will immediately go to free agency. If it is a pending RFA in question, the player will no longer want to re-sign and will be eligible for offersheets that summer.


3) Players that are 26 years old or younger are Restricted Free Agents (RFA's). Players that are 27 years or older are UFA's. Teams must have their RFA's qualified by Jun.30 or they will become unrestricted free agents. To quailfy an RFA, just PM Monty and "qualify the player". Teams won't be able to resign all of their UFA's and on July 5th, all unsigned UFA's will hit the FA market.

4) On July 5th, all unsigned RFA's are eligible to be offersheeted. When a player is offersheeted by another team, the team that owns the rights to the player will have 48 hours to either match the offer or take the compensation. The compensation is:

Less than $1,295,571 Nothing

$1,295,571-to-$1,962,968 Third-round pick

$1,962,968-to-$3,925,975 Second-round pick

$3,925,975-to-$5,888,960 First and third-round picks

$5,888,960-to-$7,851,948 First, second and third-round picks

$7,851,948-to-$9,814,935 Two firsts, a second and third-round picks

$9,814,935 or greater Four first-round picks


When offersheeting a player, teams must have their own draft picks. If a team matches an offersheet, they cannot trade the player for 1 year.

5) Our league will have two buyout periods. One after the playoffs conclude and one while NHL training camps are on. Both periods will last two weeks long.


For players under the age of 26, teams must pay 1/3 of the remaining amount owed, spread out over double the amount of years remaining.


For players over the age of 26, teams must pay 2/3 of the remaining amount owed, spread out over  double the amount of years remaining.


If a team wishes to buyout a player with a retained cap hit, here is how the buyout would occur.

For example: Team A has retained 15% of player A's salary while trading him to Team B. Team B now wishes to buyout player A. The total amount bought out will be 1/3 or 2/3 of the players remaining salary owed for double the amount of years, but Team A will need to pay 15% of this cap hit, while Team B pays the other 85%. 


If a player is bought out, then retires after the buyout, the buyout will still count towards that teams cap. 


If a player has a NMC and their team wishes to buy them out, the player has the option to bypass buyout waivers. The player will bypass buyout waivers if they have been with that team for 3+ years (from the date of the buyout). The player will not bypass waivers if they have been with that team for less than 3 years.


6) Any player that is not eligible to be drafted in future entry drafts is eligible to be signed as a free agent. If this player is playing in Europe and has not signed a contract in North America in real life yet, he will have an asterisk next to his name on the spreadsheet. This means his contract will not be allowed to be terminated, and if the team wishes to get rid of the caphit, they must buy him out.





1) At the end of every season, we will hold our annual NHL Entry Draft. This draft will consist of 5 rounds, and players can be drafted if they are within the correct age requirements.


2) We will mock the real life NHL Lottery, their results will correlate to ours. (For example, the 31st placed team in our league will be paired up with the 31st placed team in the NHL, 30th to 30th and so on.)


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Roster Spreadsheet


Roster Spreadsheet (Mobile Friendly Version)


Pending Free Agent List (2016-17)


Expansion Draft Sheet


Fantasy Tracking Information:

Site: www.pickuphockey.com

Username: CDCFL2017

Password: cdcfl




September 1 - First day to designate players for "ELC Slides"

September 1 - First day to attempt to re-sign 1 UFA and 1 RFA

September 14 - Start of 2 week buyout period

September 28 - End of 2 week buyout period

October 1 - All teams must be cap compliant

October 1 - Last day to submit 3 players for ELC slides

October 1 - All players waiver eligible in minors will automatically be placed on waivers

January 1 - Re-signing opens up for all players

March 1 - Trade deadline at 10:00 PM PST

June 12 - Start of CDCFL Entry Draft

June 12 - Start of 2 week buyout period

June 26 - End of 2 week buyout period

June 1 - Unsigned drafted prospects become UFAs if applicable

June 11 - Last day to trade pending UFA rights

June 12 - Last day for teams to submit their expansion protection lists (before 12:00 AM PST June 13)

June 13 to June 15 - 48 hour negotiation period between Vegas and Agent Monty

June 15 (or earlier) - Vegas Golden Knights roster will be released.

June 21 - Last day to send in resign offers

June 21 - Last day to qualify RFAs

June 27 - First day to send in free agent offers

July 1 - First day of free agent signings

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Season 1 (2013-14):


Presidents Trophy Champions: Winnipeg Jets (GM @Drouin)

CDCFL Cup Champions: San Jose Sharks (GM @Gally)

2014 CDCFL Entry Draft: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eCTZRnNYL05wSjgXG3Q8XrTjXEMXuH5cRbbyMpdEJNw


Season 2 (2014-15):


Presidents Trophy Champions: Boston Bruins (GM @JE14)

CDCFL Cup Champions: Winnipeg Jets (GM @Drouin)

2015 CDCFL Entry Draft: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UCraI-0lvpvFq5kFMd6MtsnICD_dDLeYSxMnKi2E9Ho


Season 3 (2015-16):


Presidents Trophy Champions: Los Angeles Kings (GM @D-Money)

CDCFL Cup Champions: Boston Bruins (GM @JE14)

2016 CDCFL Entry Draft: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sN0FLhAR2AvDAwd_Qnz6jQHR18TlxdFA2PoR2fDYCuY


Season 4 (2016-17):


Presidents Trophy Champions: Carolina Hurricanes (GM @Monty)

CDCFL Cup Champions: Columbus Blue Jackets (GM @winterhawks)

Playoff Bracket: 



2017 CDCFL Entry Draft: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mX2LvbraSSlT_sAmcn_goHaAe91PfYmK9L8DuxP6-pM/edit#gid=572555230

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Kyle Okposo - Tyler Johnson - Corey Perry

Nikolaj Ehlers - Artem Anisimov - Tyler Toffoli
Nail Yakupov - Mathieu Perreault - Tom Wilson
Nikolai Kulemin - Cedric Paquette - Anton Rodin

Josh Anderson, Torrey Mitchell

Hampus Lindholm - Brent Burns
Ryan Murray - Ryan Ellis
Brenden Dillon - Colton Parayko

Kevin Gravel


Jonathan Quick
Calvin Pickard




Tyler Benson - Nicolas Roy - Kirill Kaprizov

Dmytro Timashov - Maxim Letunov - Anatoli Golyshev

Vladimir Tkachyov - Jacob de la Rose - Noah Rod

Andy Andreoff - Andrew Copp - Justin Auger

Oskar Sundqvist, Anthony Angello, Jake Evans, Rem Pitlick, Evan Rodrigues

Philippe Myers - Brandon Montour

Christian Jaros - Niklas Hansson

Erik Gustafsson - Trevor Carrick

Dillon Heatherington, Michael Paliotta, Dillon Simpson

Linus Ullmark

Linus Soderstrom
Chris Driedger, Daniel Altshuller


Unsigned: Nicklas Jensen, Mark Barberio, J.F. Berube

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The following players have automatically been placed on waivers:


Cody Hodgson ARZ
Matt Stajan BUF
Alex Tanguay BUF
Kyle Brodziak BUF
Mike Brown BUF
Rob Scuderi BUF
Lauri Korpikoski CBJ
Jay McClement CBJ
Lars Johansson CBJ
Jesse Winchester DAL
Brandon Burlon DAL
Alex Biega FLA
Viktor Tikhonov MIN
Fedor Tyutin MIN
Peter Budaj MIN
Alex Burrows MTL
Scott Timmins MTL
Trevor Smith MTL
Matt Bartkowski MTL
Kyle Cumiskey MTL
Simon Hjalmarsson NJD
Steve Oleksy NYR
Matt Fraser OTT
Curtis McElhinney OTT
TJ Brennan PHI
Taylor Fedun PIT
John Scott SJS
Colin McDonald SJS
Mark Fistric SJS
Chris Summers SJS
Brian Flynn TOR
Adam Cracknell TOR
Richard Clune TOR
Martin Marincin TOR
Richard Bachman TOR
Valeri Nichuskin VAN
Yohann Auvitu WSH


Please post in the thread if you want to claim any of these players, but remember they must stay on your NHL roster for at least one week if you do claim (you can waive again after this if you want).

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Hey @Nail


I was wondering if I could get put on the wait list for this league? It seems like a fun experience and I would love to join. No problem if it doesn't work though. 

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Taylor Hall - Mark Scheifele - Alexander Ovechkin

Conor Sheary - Patrick Marleau - Artemi Panarin

Kris Versteeg - Alan Quine - Jarome Iginla

Brandon Tanev - Dennis Rasmussen - Shane Doan

Bobby Farnham


Keith Yandle - Dustin Byfuglien

Francois Beauchemin - Ryan Pulcok

Ian Cole - Casey Nelson

Michal Rozsival - Brian Strait


Tuukka Rask

James Reimer






William Carrier - Travis Boyd - Conor Garland

Andreas Johnson - Austin Czarnik - Eric Cornel

Alexandre Grenier - Aleksi Saarela - Jon Martin

Grayson Downing - Adam Brooks - Keegan Kolesar

Nikita Jevpalovs


Viktor Svedberg -Rasmus Andersson

Ben Harpur - Kyle Wood

Kyle Burroughs - Colby Williams

Ivan Chukarov - Johnathan MacLeod


Anthony Stolarz

Nick Ellis

Stephon Williams

Jason Kasdorf

Ivan Nalimov



Unsigned Prospects



Travis Dermott

Rourke Chartier

Loik Leveille

Pavel Jenys

Nathan Noel

Fredrik Olofsson

Dennis Gilbert

Victor Mete

Hudson Elynuik

Karel Vejmelka (aka. "Goalie of the Future")

Maxime Fortier



ELC Slides



Axel Holmstrom

Tucker Poolman

Adin Hill


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Drake Caggiula - Colby Cave - Justin Selman
Brendan Ranford - Chandler Stephenson - Patrick Russell
Same Anas - Yan Pavel-Laplante - Thomas Di Pauli
 Kyle Schempp - Quinton Howden - Branden Troock
Simon Hjalmarsson
Tyler Soy*
Taylor Raddysh*
Samuel Morin - Christian Djoos
Aleandre Carrier* - Mitch Vande-Sompel*
Matthew Benning - John Gilmour
Santeri Saari

Adam Vay
Veini Vehvilainen*




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2016-17 Los Angeles Kings Roster:

Johnny Gaudreau - Tyler Seguin - Patrick Kane

Patrick Sharp - Alex Killorn - Justin Williams

Jason Chimera - Trevor Lewis - Brian Boyle

Tanner Kero - Matt Cullen - Erik Condra

Brandon Prust


Anton Stralman - Kris Letang

Alec Martinez - Trevor Daley

Dmitry Orlov - Brooks Orpik

Zach Redmond, Taylor Chorney


Brian Elliott

Eddie Lack


In The System:

C: Mike Amadio, Kevin Labanc, Jean-Christoph Beaudin, Jonny Brodzinski, Dmitri Zhukenov, Clark Bishop, Giorgio Estephan

LW: Frank Vatrano (I.R.), A.J. Greer, Colton Hargrove, Kenny Agostino, Mackenzie MacEachern, Jesse Gabrielle, Adam Helewka, Mark MacMillan, Cole Ully, Karch Bachman, Warren Foegele

RW: Danton Heinen, Kalle Kossila, Martins Dzierkals, Jonne Tammela

D: Ethan Prow, Lukas Bengtsson, Louis Belpedio, Darren Dietz, Alex Lintuniemi, Rob O'Gara, Simon Bourque, Andre Mironov, Christian Wolanin, Tate Olson


Los Angeles is also pleased to be hosting the 2nd best NHL exhibition tournament of the year:



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